Stay With Me : A Novel by Eve Elliot - Chapter 1

21:59 Stay With Me: A Novel episode 2 / 31 Oct 22, 2015 8 comments 6350 1285

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Chapter 1 provides a bit of background and sets the stage for the rest of the story...


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  • STEVE4EVE on 2016-04-06 02:03:14 (UTC) (edited)

    Gripping !

    The moment Eric appears in The Prologue, you can sense how much he wants Alex. And there's no doubt about it by the end of The Prologue.

    But now we learn how his need for her is locked inside a tank-like armour. Deep down inside, he's crying for her. And all that she has available, to break in and rescue him, is the gentle touch of a woman.

    I think the odds are in her favour :)

    • A Eve on 2016-04-07 19:31:03 (UTC)

      oh you know it :p

  • 1981FireFighter on 2016-03-08 20:45:15 (UTC)

    Well written! Thankyou so much for using proper vocabulary regarding the military aspects. Most authors would have just said "packed a backpack and hiked". I appreciate how you are well enough researched to say "ruck sack". Looking foward to listening to the further installments.

    • A Eve on 2016-03-09 18:32:40 (UTC)

      Thank you! I did a lot of research on Special Forces for this book, so I hope I did it justice.

  • MadWithLust on 2015-11-02 02:52:51 (UTC)

    Oh, you can't tease me like that! I'm pretty sure the sheer, lacy lingerie would have worked! Very, very well! :P

    I can't wait to hear how the seduction plays out! Or how Alexandra satisfies that super soldier sex drive!

    • A Eve on 2015-11-03 11:42:23 (UTC)

      aww...I won't disappoint you!

  • SteveLovesEve on 2015-10-25 14:52:29 (UTC)

    Just randomly listened to the prologue thinking that this really wouldn't be my sort of thing. I then thoughtI l'd listen to part 1 "just to see what happens".Now I am eagerly awaiting part 2! Good background story that makes me care about what happens to them more. Can't wait! By the way, what happened to the next part of Le Mort D'Arthur? xxx.

    • A Eve on 2015-10-26 15:23:45 (UTC)

      Hey Steve! Glad I could lure you in! LOL


      I will be back with Arthur soon, never fear!