What is Eraudica?

Eraudica ('erotica' and 'audio' combined) is about intimate, immersive and positive erotic audio for men, and soothing, comforting audio experiences for all, performed by Eve's Garden.

About Eve's Garden

I discovered, fell in love with, and began writing and performing erotic audio in 2014. My goal then, and now, was to create sex-positive, uplifting and healthy erotica, for thoughtful men who wanted to enjoy their sexuality without shame or negativity. I wanted to provide an alternative, or at least an accompaniment, to visual porn, which can have some serious limitations - namely, not providing afterglow experiences, not showing real bodies and real people, and not addressing the psychological side of sex. Porn also makes viewers just observers, whereas erotic audio makes them participants, and intensifies the experience.

I wanted to show the many sides of healthy sexuality, including passionate, primal sex, afterglow and connection, humour and playfulness, affection and friendship, support and comfort. In fact I chose the name Eve’s Garden not because of the concept of sin, but rather in homage to the idea that Eden was a place where the first humans felt no guilt or shame over nudity or sex.

I wanted to present a holistic image of a sexual woman too - a woman who could be highly sexual but also friendly, smart and caring. I wanted to dispel the idea of the ’saint and the whore’ - the woman you fuck versus the woman you marry. I wanted to do my part to end slut-shaming and sex shame in general.

And finally, I wanted to help men in particular enjoy their sexuality without despising themselves or the women they desire. I wanted to help celebrate masculinity, especially when it’s under attack now more than ever, and let good men know that their interest in women and sex is healthy and wonderful, and appreciated by more women than they realize. My goal was and is to make men feel good about themselves, about women, about sex, and about life in general. Here are some of the amazing testimonials I’ve received, all of which I’m extremely proud of and grateful for. I recorded a short audio about my credo as well.

For all these reasons, the sexuality you’ll hear on this site is always positive in nature. I don’t use terms like ’dirty’, ’nasty’, ’filthy’ to describe myself, what I do, or sex in general, and I think it only further demonizes sexuality when we do. I don’t do themes that involve negativity, like: rape, violence, incest, cheating, cuckolding, serious BDSM, humiliation, etc. I don’t do custom audio for clients, and I don’t do audios specifically for female listeners because I'm not attracted to women and don’t want to do audios that I don’t feel personally. I welcome all listeners, male, female or trans; I simply focus on straight men.

A No-Ads Site. Forever

My site is clean and simple, intentionally so. I run no ads, there are no redirects or popups/popunders, and nothing is intentionally misleading. I am honest and upfront about everything I do, because I value my visitors and members. If you sign up for a commenting account, your email address stays with me, you’ll never receive spam on account of me. If you join my site as an Eraudica Exclusive member, the same is true. I use trusted payment processors; your details will always be safe and secure.

I also post my Eraudica Exclusives on a Patreon page if you would prefer. There are several tiers, one of which includes photos.

Explore the site, discover the various kinds of audio I produce, and above all, enjoy yourself! ❤️