Testimonials from listeners:

"You've been thanked a million times for doing what you do but I need to make it a million and one. THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have improved my life so very much by getting me to think about things in new ways. You've made me take to heart things that I knew intellectually but didn't believe deep down inside and now I'm beginning to. I am becoming a healthier and happier person and I have you to thank. You are a uniquely multi-talented and complex person and I am overjoyed to have stumbled across your work."

"I've been having trouble putting it into words but I just greatly appreciate how some of your audios can make me smile and make me feel happier and other audios feel like the sexiest and most pleasurable ever. It's hard for me to fully articulate it (I'm still trying) but basically your encouragement and words make me feel happy and better about myself, while the sexual content gives me so much pleasure and plenty of incredible orgasms."

"You are so... caring. In a way that not many women can express with just their words and their voice. And I find my self-talk changing a bit the more I listen to you. So, it's not just orgasms and self-pleasure... But hearing you talk, it makes me realize "yeah... you know what... I AM a good guy!" and "She's right... my cock is pretty great!" and "Yeah, a girl would be lucky to be with a sexy guy like me and someday, a real flesh and blood woman might notice that!"

"All of those hypothetical situations of who you would save from humanity should the world come to an end? I’d pick people like you. People who want to better those they interact with; people with a libido (that one always seems to be overlooked), and people who are problem solvers at heart. M.W."

"I just wanted to thank you and say that its truly a blessing knowing someone like you exists. Your work is special and it helps me beyond just an orgasm. Most of the time with regular erotica I feel as though I'm just continually digging a hole within myself only to find self loathing and discontentment. But when listening to you, the constant need for more is satiated. Instead of feeling lower I somehow feel higher, more complete, and ready to face the world. I truly love what you're doing and again from the very bottom of my heart I wanted to say thank you."

"Fun, playful, mutually respectful and loving, and yet without sacrificing any of the sensuality or excitement that's also part of this very human and normal connection we all have. I can't imagine anybody listening to any of your erotic pieces and, afterward, feeling guilty about it."

"I have now for several years had issues with falling asleep. I have tried a myriad of things to help me from sleeping pills to self hypnosis but not much has helped. I was at a loss with what to do. Lack of sleep has negatively impacted my life in a profound way and to be honest i was at my wits end. I wasn't sure where to turn next but late one night i found your sub and specifically this series and i was amazed. Your recordings were sublime. Your topics were not only poignant and relevant but also soulful and soothing. Your voice is equal parts seductive, innocent, entrancing and nurturing. With your words in my ear i felt as if all the worries of the day melted away and all that was left was a warm afterglow that enveloped me completely leaving me with a overwhelming sense of peace. It was truely like an old friend had snuggled up next to me and comforted me until sleep overcame me. When i woke up i was amazed, I had slept throughout the night. I felt refreshed and focused unlike i had in what seems like forever."

I joined after discovering your work on literotica.com and I was blown away by your talent, your creativity and your passion. I am now addicted to your voice...completely.  Even the relaxation audios, which i used to listen to as a nice diversion, are making me hot, sweaty and somewhat drooling. You could read the phone book and I'd be standing at attention."

"By some stroke of genius you have managed to impact my life in such a profound way. I recently listed to one of your earlier works "Dream Lover" and it struck a chord with me. It is single handedly the most erotic, hottest thing I've ever experienced. Ever. ...and I've been around for a while. Anyway, it stayed with me for a while, to the point that I sent it to my girl to listen to as well and insisted that we live it out. By the grace of all that is holy, she agreed. The rest you already know because you wrote it. I don't know if that piece was something that you developed specifically for your audience, or adapted from something else, or hell, part of your own personal experiences. But I don't have the words to explain how grateful I am for having you publish that masterpiece."

"...Last night I listened to your HFO recording for the first time. Never before had I felt such utter arousal like that without being touched. Oh wow, it felt incredible and I was so so close that if it was only a couple of minutes longer I would have had such a deeply intense orgasm. Even though I didn't cum I had a feeling of deep comfort and satisfaction and was so relaxed i fell asleep almost immediately. This was a feat in itself as I've suffered on and off with insomnia ever since I was a teenager. I slept like a baby but I didn't expect what happened when I woke up. Instead of my head being instantly being filled with the horrors of life which is usual, I woke instead quite slowly with an almost serene calmness which I became aware of once I was fully awake. But I also woke up with a different focus on things. I felt more determined to accomplish things on my never ending to-do list and thus far I have achieved more today than i have done in the previous 6 months! I swear I could've jumped out of bed this morning and taken on anything that life would dare throw at me. I'll be listening to that again tonight and every night if it has this effect on me. Basically,you are fucking incredible!!"

"You truly stand head and shoulders above anyone I've heard before. You are able to convey a connection between you and your listener that I feel is largely ignored by other posters. When you speak, I can almost see your forehead pressed against your partner's, dripping with sweat, while you fight for air against the need to continue your kiss. I can see you gazing into your partner's eyes while you please him with your body. Your voice suggests a longing to be pressed closer, held tighter, and filled to everflowing. THAT is one helluva feat."

"I am grateful for your existence in this world, your lovely voice, your exquisite choice of words and the way you direct them. To me, what you do is more helpful and healing than arousing in a sense :P"

"Your audios and stories have helped me mature sexually, accept my body and now it has set the platform for an incredible adventure in my life now. From the warmth of my heart, thank, thank, thank you Eve for all the love and encouragement you share. You are a blessing in disguise!"

"After listening to your lovely recording and having the most intense tingly hands-free whole-body experience ever, I feel very healthy! I fell asleep after in such a state of bliss and i woke up this morning smiling cheerfully remembering how positive and wholesome that felt. I feel i can have a happy future and my mind, body, spirit feels very healthy. Such an unexpectedly constructive and beneficial experience! Thanks so so much!"

"Your voice is so lovely, sultry and soothing. It speaks to a me on a primal level that fills me with a masculine pride and gets me rock hard. It really comes through in your audios that you really do understand and care for men and their desires. Your attention to detail and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated. It's always a treat to see when you've put out another audio. Thank you very much for your contributions. You bring me great joy. "

I wanted to say thank you for writing and recording your stories. You have such a gift for writing and I hope I'm not being too forward when I say, they are some of the most erotic pieces I have ever read, seen, or heard. I recently flew back to the US from Asia and could not sleep because of the jet lag. I listened to your hypnotist story and it put me in a state of trance. I was awake, sleeping, aroused, and relaxed all at once. Your voice has a soothing yet sexy quality. You seemed to know so much about hypnosis... are you a therapist? Thanks again."

"Dr.Eve" was just outstanding, you really are amazing Eve. I love it when you say "cunt", I cum every single time. Keep up the awesome work. One of your many fans, in New Zealand..."

"My God woman you are amazing…. I love not only the way you talk, but the way you think, the way you pronounce your words, the ladylike way that even the most base and sexual words escape your sensual mouth. Not dirty, somehow. It only seems right... perfect, though that is a word that seems inhuman, and the feelings you give me are very, very human... "

"hii! wow how amazing to listen to your stories here - thank you soo much - so gorgeously open uninhibited and totally sexy. Incredible to hear your "loving a man" in particular - wow I was blown away thankyouuu - isn't sex so totally wonderful - the connection of us male and female made from the stars...so good! -I'm going to have to listen again and have another orgasm - life is just the bit in between them don't you think?! have fun xxx"

"So... I love audio. It's more satisfying than porn because it more actively engages the imagination and is much more immersive. Browsing the audio I stumbled across Fucking Dr Eve. And I have to say that Oh My God was that hot. Your combination of moaning while still being able to coherently describe the scene is amazing (not sure how you do it!) …Excellent fantasy told by a sexy voice. Just wanted to give compliments and say thank you for taking they time to put together such an awesome audio and I'll be definitely checking out your other work. :)"

"I think your voice, enthusiasm and sexuality are amazing. I love listening to your work. The detail and sounds you make are unlike ANYTHING else I have experienced. It really makes me think I am there with you."

"Fantastic audios. A voice that goes from sensual and soft to hungry and needy. Sometimes commanding. Sometimes begging.
"Fucking Dr Eve" just brings so many delicious fantasies to mind. Don't know that I am ever going to see the doctor's office the same way again."

"Congratulations on some exquisite work, Eve. You're an excellent writer and you voice your message so well. You're a fine actress and deliciously creative. Thank you for sharing your talent. You seem to know exactly what a man wants to hear. What a turn on! Thanks again, Eve"

(About I’m So Mad At You) "How do you do it Ms. Eve??? This story had me cracking up and rock hard at the same time lol. And your sweet giggles! Pranking him you were with child and hearing you rolling in laughter at the conclusion was priceless. I now add laughter to the voice, breathing, panting, whimpering, sucking, slurping, gagging, crying, and out of control climaxing audio images of what I admire 'all about Eve..."

"I distinctly remember thinking of you as a superpower, some mystical magnetic being and that period of enchantment was really magical and pink. Now I view you just as a well formed person, "what-a-woman", and a very cool and independent character, and honestly I think its even better. P."

"Eve, your audios are a god send to everyone out there. I've been going through a really wretched patch with my life and I've pretty much been listening to your audios daily. And it has helped. So freaking much."

(About the Abdominator) "This is such a marvelous combination of funny, charming, and hot! Your laugh is wonderful, and so true that I was compelled to laugh along with you. The transitions between embarrassment and arousal (and back and forth again!) felt so completely true-to-life. Thanks for a great recording!"