Chapter Thirty One - Noah & Kate (my new erotic romance novel) part 32

36:30 Noah and Kate Aug 15, 2023 6 comments 865 225

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And now a new wrinkle...

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  • MadWithLust on 2023-09-16 13:54:36 (UTC)

    A new wrinkle! I don't know how you do it, but these developments are just so real! They come out of nowhere but it doesn't feel out of place. Surprises like this would totally happen just like that.

    But oh that spot Kate is in, those thoughts as she was caught between Paige and Noah, both strangely for and against...everything! I don't know how this is going to work out, but I do know that Noah and Kate are going to need some fireworks...

    P.S. I swear there were 10 people recording this audio!

    P.P.S. I also imagined dear Cole closing up shop after hiding several "bodice rippers" away, such as "Bachelor Pilot" or maybe "Love in the Air" which probably will sell like hotcakes now to the Agathas...

    P.P.P.S. I have a suspicion that this new person in town is actually a billionaire and...a vampire (Can you tell I loved the intro to this chapter? There was even a hot chill!) :P

    • A Eve on 2023-09-21 21:14:58 (UTC)

      haha that's awesome - amazing twist, newcomer is a billionaire vampire, I love it

  • SeaReader on 2023-08-25 02:56:58 (UTC)

    Aw, man!? I keep wishing that either Kate or Noah would realize too late that their inner monologue had actually been spoken aloud-oops! A truth on the table reckoning, neither one deciding for the other, neither one the brave martyr. Gulp. The story is so rich, not just, "Does he/she love me," but "How can they make this work?". Together is how; out loud, together. "Just wanna slap 'em upside the head (pronounced "hay-ed").

    Eve, your exquisite voicing of every character and every nuance of Kate's emotions makes reaching the end of each chapter leave such a hole in the day/days/weeks, until the next chapter arrives. You should record novels, series of novels. You'd be so great. Your talent, your care is priceless.

    Thank you for this latest frustrating wonderful sirenic (should be a word, siren-ic) chapter. I hope that the quicker turnaround means you've found some ease and peace recently, you so deserve it. Please take care of yourself, as you so generously urge and help us to do.

    • A Eve on 2023-08-30 19:31:30 (UTC)

      Thank you so much for all those wonderful comments (I loved the hay-ed lol). And I am working on recording some public domain novels like Pride and Prejudice, not sure how to release it (or just one chapter at a time like I do with my own work).

      And I am trying to take care of myself, I have some tough appointments coming up soon so I'll try to take care of myself xx

  • wearerobin on 2023-08-16 22:45:11 (UTC)

    Poor Kate, she just can't catch a break. And WTF Paige, you're supposed to be her BFF. I hope Kate takes revenge and puts her in an awkward situation with Callum! See how she likes it. And Eve, your acting during Kate's inner monologue starting at 2:00 till the end of the chapter was some of the best voice acting I've ever heard. Kate was so exasperated by this ridiculous situation she found herself it. I was smiling and laughing the whole time. Even though I was feeling for her. Cause she just wants Noah. Not Jeff. He's not a competition and he never will be. But I'm glad he's here. Maybe it'll give Noah some perspective. But I don't want Noah to feel less than about himself when compared to Jeff and his success . And Mucus Lucas coming out of nowhere, and being hot was not on my bingo card. But you know what, Kate does need to know that Noah isn't her only option. Looking forward to see where this dinner takes the story. This story keeps getting better and better with each chapter!

    • A Eve on 2023-08-19 18:15:51 (UTC)

      That's so kind of you to say! I'm really on a roll now!