Chapter Thirty Two - Noah & Kate (my new erotic romance novel) part 33

35:02 Noah and Kate Oct 04, 2023 4 comments 1001 256

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So what happens when Jeff arrives to go to dinner with Kate and Paige?

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  • MadWithLust on 2023-10-10 11:32:08 (UTC)

    What a plot twist! Kate has WeSP too! :P Paige is such a rascal..."book emergency"! I love it!

    Oh, but Mucus Lucus...I really, really wanted to hate the guy because he's not The One for Kate, but he was such an absolute gentleman the whole way though. It's like he could have been the one had he came back has all the romantic backstory, first kisses, feels, the endorsement of the Agathas, swamp water!!! And even the way he so smoothly brought up "the Item" elephant in the room, he took everything in such great stride.

    But poor Kate..."I'm not crying, you're crying!" The feels!!! What an emotional place to be, all those crazy, conflicting things with such impossible resolutions!

    But that tease of the mystery of Luna's past...I can't wait to find out all the juicy details! I get the feeling it's going to be epic and maybe piece this whole puzzle together.

    And I'm still waiting for Lucas to reveal his unusual thirst for blood... :P

    • A Eve on 2023-10-20 13:24:38 (UTC)

      Haha, I'm so glad you're enjoying Jeff's character, it's tough to make someone likeable without being just aw-shucks too damn nice. Although they did that in Sleepless in Seattle, Walter (Meg Ryan's fiance) was just way too nice a guy, all things considered!

  • wearerobin on 2023-10-04 20:10:31 (UTC)

    I have paused the recording with .41 seconds left to go. And I REFUSE to listen to the rest of it because I know what you’re gonna do. I know what you’re going to pull. Noah is gonna come to the door and see them kiss, it’ll end on that major cliffhanger and Kate will once again be put through the wringer. And I REFUSE to be a part of it. I OBJECT, I OPPOSE, I STRONGLY DISAGREE with the continued torture you’re inflicting on my sweet Kate. Nope. I’m not gonna engage with the ending. I will see you in Chapter 34. But I refuse to listen to the rest of ch 33.

    Now onto the review. Jeff is a sweetheart; if I weren’t team Noah, I’d push the Jeff/Kate agenda. There’s a special place in hell for best friends like Paige. And I hope that Karma gets her massively when it’s her turn with Callum.

    But Jeff is so sweet to my poor Kate as she pours her heart to him. I hope he finds a nice woman who will love him for him. Justice for Jeff!

    But I'm still not finishing this chapter!

    • A Eve on 2023-10-05 19:47:36 (UTC)

      WHOA! Slow down there, hotfoot!

      That is NOT what happens. Go ahead and listen to the end!