Under the Covers with Eve - Episode 6: You're Not a Virgin (You Just Think You Are)

20:45 Under the Covers with Eve episode 6 / 34 Oct 18, 2015 2 comments 2754 407

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In this week's episode, I discuss a subject that has come up a lot lately - virginity. And while I have done several virginity-themed audios and an Ask Eve about it, but here are few more thoughts that I'd like to share with you. For instance:

  • There is nothing wrong with not having had sex yet
  • How 'virgin' only applies to women
  • Why you shouldn't label yourself
  • Why you shouldn't define yourself by something you haven't experienced yet

and finally

  • Why you're not a virgin - you just think you are

*music courtesy afrodrumming

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  • MSA on 2015-10-19 00:08:08 (UTC)

    Thank you for this. I been trying to stress this for a long time. Whenever I tell people that I am a virgin, they look at me as if I am some kind of weirdo and I always respond to them saying that I am proud to be one. I have no problem saying that and just like you, I wish people would get it out of their heads that it's strange to be a virgin. It's not strange, it's a choice or at least for me it is. Thank you for these and keep doing what you are doing.

    • A Eve on 2015-10-22 10:06:10 (UTC)

      You're very welcome, thanks for the encouragement! ❤️