Under the Covers with Eve - Episode 30: Preparing for the First Time

27:46 Under the Covers with Eve episode 30 / 34 May 09, 2016 2 comments 17708 2417


In this episode I revisit a subject I've discussed somewhat in other episodes, mostly because I get so many questions from people about it that I think it's worth revisiting. A lot of people are very nervous about their first time, either as virgins or as someone beginning a relationship with a new partner. So in this episode I give you some general advice and opinions about how you can prepare for the first time.

Forgive me if I repeat myself in places - at least I'm consistent!

I mentioned things you can do if your female partner is a virgin and you want to make the first time easier for her - here's the link to the wikihow page on it.

How to Have Pain Free Sex

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