Under the Covers with Eve - Episode 14: The Case for Making Erotic Audio

28:45 Under the Covers with Eve episode 14 / 34 Dec 15, 2015 21 comments 4000 1185


This week’s episode - the Better Late than Never Episode - is a discussion of some of the reasons you may be hesitant to start recording and posting erotic audio. Based on survey responses and questions I’ve received, I’ve addressed some of the more common concerns that men in particular have when it comes to taking the plunge and recording something of an erotic nature - and why I really hope you'll consider doing it.

And to help convince you, I’ve enlisted the help of 8 especially delicious female erotic audio performers to add their voices to my appeal. In order, you’ll hear from:









So thanks to the lovely ladies, and to you for listening!

Here are some scriptwriters to check out, in alphabetical order





and I've done some scripts

If your bent is other than vanilla, just look on GWA and you'll find more than you can handle

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