Under the Covers with Eve - Episode 2: Romance Novels (ie Sex Manuals)

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This week's Under the Covers with Eve is a bit of ramble about something you've probably never given too much thought - romance novels. But in my opinion, since these books are insanely popular with women, it's worth reading one or two to find out what women want from sex and love.

You would be surprised at how graphically sexual modern romance novels are, and you might be surprised at why they are so popular with a lot of women.

As always, these are just my insights and opinions, decide for yourself. :D

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Recommended Writers:

Suzanne Brockmann has created a great series called Troubleshooters about a group of Navy SEALs and their various adventures. If you like military themed stories, with a lot of focus on action and adventure, with some atypical heroes and heroines thrown in, you'll like her. The audiobooks are performed extremely well, too

Maya Banks writes very explicit sex scenes and situations (she's the one who wrote about the brothers in love with one woman)

Julie Anne Long is one of the best writers I've ever read, in any genre. Her prose is extraordinary, her way with words will leave you amazed. She writes books set in the Regency period (roughly 1800 England) but her books are worth reading just for the quality of her writing alone

Lora Leigh writes about a private ex-military group, among other things, and her sex scenes are varied and intense

Linda Howard writes books that are as good as any mainstream thriller, with a bit less emphasis on sex and love (although it does feature)

These are just some of the writers you might want to check out, there are countless others.

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