Phone JOI (a Joyful JOI)

23:52 JOI/JOE May 08, 2024 2 comments 94 13

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I'm at my parents' house, there's no broadband out here and everyone is asleep by nine pm! I have to be so quiet on the phone with you...

but I can still make you giggle and get you off, of course!


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  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2024-05-15 01:30:23 (UTC)

    The raw quality of this audio and the playful giggles communicating the joy in both participants' (albeit remote) connection makes this feel, to me, a lot like an extended version of your classic Love Bites from back in the day. Loved it!

    • A Eve on 2024-05-21 21:59:42 (UTC)

      Thank you C! I thought the same thing!