Thank you for joining Eraudica, I really appreciate it! I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your membership.

If you have a membership account and are having issues with your membership - such as not knowing your user name or password, not being able to log in with your user name, have questions about billing, and so on - see the section below or email member support, explaining the issue.

If you know your membership account details but are having technical issues where one or more devices/computers work, but one doesn't, see the section below or email tech support, explaining the issue and what device and browser you are using.

If you are having trouble signing up or receiving your user name and password - here are some of the more common issues:

Please keep in mind that in order to accept credit and debit cards, I have to use third-party processors like Verotel, CCBill and Epoch. I have nothing to do with that aspect of the sign-up process. They are all well-established companies with good customer service, so please get in touch and let them help you. Contact support or cancel anytime: CCBill · Verotel · (PayPal)

Billing Questions

Q: I joined through Epoch/PayPal but haven’t got my user name or password yet

If you’ve joined using the PayPal option through Epoch, you should receive your user name and password immediately from Epoch. Very occasionally, there is a delay in receiving your user name and password, and from what I have learned, the delay comes from PayPal.

When you get a message from PayPal saying they have ‘authorized’ your payment, it doesn’t mean they have actually withdrawn the funds and sent them to Epoch yet.

Sometimes there is a delay because of the payment method you chose, in other cases, PayPal has their own reasons for not sending the money immediately. Whatever the reason, when this happens, Epoch does not receive either the money or a notification from PayPal about your purchase. (And just to clarify, when it says “funds will be transferred when the seller processes the payment” - the “seller” refers to Epoch, not me.) Because of this, you are not in the Epoch system yet, and they can’t yet issue you a user name and password.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that either Epoch or I can do about it, this is entirely the result of PayPal delaying sending the money.

If for some reason your payment can’t go through (your credit card is declined, or any other reason), that ‘hold’ on your PayPal account will be lifted. You were not ‘charged’, meaning no money left your account, there was simply an authorisation put on your account for that amount. In general, these holds expire after about 5 days.

This situation is frustrating for everyone, but Epoch is the only payment processor that will allow an adult site to accept PayPal. Since so many people want to use PayPal, I have no choice but to offer it as an option.

Q: I’ve joined through Verotel/CCBill and haven’t received my user name and password yet.

As with Epoch, both of these processors will email you your log in credentials as soon as your payment to them goes through. Check your spam filter if you’ve never received email from them before. Make sure you have used an accurate, live email address when signing up with them, as this is the way they will send you your information.

If you still haven’t received anything, please contact them directly for help.

Q: I sent you an Amazon gift card for membership and haven’t heard from you

If you don’t provide me an email address to reply to when sending me a gift card, the only way I can reply to you is through Amazon’s in-house messaging system. Check your Amazon inbox if you know you didn’t provide me with an email address.

Also, check the spelling of your email address - if it’s wrong, my reply email to you will obviously not go through. Check your spam filter as well. I respond to Amazon membership requests within 24 hours, so if you haven’t heard from me, something has gone wrong in trying to get back to you.

Q: I am still on your old PayPal system and I need to cancel

You can cancel any existing subscriptions or payment plans through your own PayPal account. I will be notified and will cancel your membership manually.

Technical Issues

Q: How Do I Access the Exclusive Audios?

To listen to Eraudica Exclusive audios, follow these steps:

  1. Get a membership.
  2. When you have gotten a membership, you will receive a username and password from Verotel, the payment provider I use. This is the membership username and password. (Don't confuse this with the commenting account you can register here to be able to post comments.)
  3. Go to an Eraudica Exclusive audio.
  4. In the small form below the audio title, enter the membership username and password and click Log in with membership account.

Q: My username and password isn't being accepted - what should I do?

  • Unless you have a recurring/auto-renewing membership, it may have expired, at which point you must renew it manually.

  • Sometimes if you copy and paste from an email or a document, there will be stray spaces or periods at the start or end of the username or password.

  • Use your Membership account username and password, not your commenting account username and password. Please see above.

  • If all else fails, enter your username and password carefully by hand. Make sure Caps Lock is off and remember that they are both case-sensitive.

  • If you are on the non-encrypted version of Eraudica (the address bar doesn't include "https://" or a padlock icon), security software may intrude on the login process. Please go to the encrypted version: and try again.

Q: Can I use my commenting password to access the exclusives?

  • I love reading comments on my audios, but I want to avoid spam and anonymous entries, so you have to register a commenting account in order to comment.

  • This is not the same as a membership, which allows you to listen to Eraudica Exclusives.

  • Merging the two into one account is technically difficult to do, and I’m no tech genius. :P

  • For further help with technical issues, please tech support directly.