Because of You...

21:28 ramble Mar 28, 2022 5 comments 310 126

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A delicious warm bath always makes me start thinking about sex. And when I think of's because of you


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  • Car54whereartthou on 2023-06-05 08:25:06 (UTC)

    Utterly sensuously purely intensely erotic! Aaah!

  • ArthurWynne on 2022-03-29 20:33:01 (UTC)

    You know I keep thinking of this quote from a favourite movie of mine, the Shape of water. Which kinda encompasses my thoughts on this piece quite well. “Unable to perceive the shape of you. I find you all around me.” Your voice is like being immersed in a steaming hot bubble bath. So comforting and relaxing but surrounding you in all your most delicate and sensitive areas. Great piece, Eve. X

    • A Eve on 2022-03-29 22:02:49 (UTC)

      That's so lovely! I love that line, thank you for sharing it xx

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2022-03-29 03:48:08 (UTC)

    Surrounded by all of that water and moisture and yet they could not dampen the smouldering heat of this sensuous monologue. Love how her fantasy is like an invitation; gets this listener in the mood to hit the play button on another of your audios in fact! 💞

    • A Eve on 2022-03-29 22:02:18 (UTC)

      What an awesome way to think of it, thanks C!