The After Party

22:27 strangers to lovers Mar 12, 2021 4 comments 1490 607

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I wanted to share some behind the scenes facts with you guys - this audio was one of the most technically difficult I’ve ever produced. To start with, it was from a script by my good friend /u/leytod, which means, as with all scripts I do, that I read it cold and don’t look at the script too closely before I record.

I tried to experiment with placing the recorder at different spots to mimic you turning away from me and then turning back...I don't know how well that turned out, but that was the idea :P

Then there was the ‘moving out to the car’ thing, which was a bit of a challenge with my new zoom recorder - and then, right in the middle of recording, it started to rain, really hard. I figured it added a bit of ambience, so I went with it!

This is for those shy people out there (like me) who always wished they could be a bit braver and tell an attractive stranger they’re interested.


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  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2021-04-07 02:01:36 (UTC)

    Considering all of the amazing feats you've accomplished over the years with your recording experiments it's no small thing at all when you say this is among the most technically challenging! The car SFX always sound very faithful to real life, and the big fat raindrops hitting the roof & windshield (as a Raincouverite I am an expert on Rainology & can identify the quality of raindrops just from their sound :P) truly adds much to the illusion of actually being present in this scenario.

    There is society's conventional expectation that the guy be the pursuer, but I can see the attractiveness of a woman who feels confident & empowered to seize the initiative and breach the ice. And the thought she wants him enough to literally devour a physical part of him is of course a highly arousing one indeed!

    • A Eve on 2021-04-07 20:40:09 (UTC)

      haha Rainvouverite, that's a new one! Thanks so much C!

  • ArthurWynne on 2021-03-16 23:58:04 (UTC)

    Oh my god, that was a delightful surprise. What a fabulous script and what a remarkable audio. I feel such a kinship with this story. It was both immersive and sensual in equal measure. Frankly, a scenario I’ve often daydreamed about. Thank you for bringing Leytods worlds to life once again. X PS. I loved the rain.

    • A Eve on 2021-03-21 16:20:17 (UTC)

      thank you so much! This script really spoke to me, and I'm so glad I was able to perform it xox