Catwoman Makes Her Escape! (Special Release - see details!)

16:42 special audio Oct 09, 2021 2 comments 978 327

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This isn't your ordinary audio release, fellas!

This script by /u/NinjaFogg was too delicious to make just one audio out of, so I made three!

  1. The free preview - the first part of this audio, featuring cock sucking only (but full of Purrrrfect Catwoman charm!)

  2. This audio - the Eraudica Exclusive just for members, featuring the cock sucking and the sensational fucking!

  3. A Special Purchase version - which follows on from this audio and includes (gasp!) some anal sex for Catwoman!

The SP version is available as a one-time purchase for $10, which you can access here - OR....

You can get it as part of a new audio bundle, featuring 5 audios all on the theme of AP for Eve for $25 - meaning audios that feature anal sex for me, done with my typical style. The audios in this bundle are:

  1. I’ve Been Begging You to Get More Aggressive…and Then Last Night! By /u/UduuBabe script here A steamy reminiscence of our last night of vacation, and how you finally gave me what I want.

  2. The Mile High Club AP Edition by /u/POVScribe script here We’re on our way to Paris, but you want to join the mile high club en route. The bathroom is so small we can only fuck one way…

  3. A Night With an Escort by /u/NinjaFogg script here I’m an elegant girl, and I like elegant clients (unless you want to imagine we’re a couple just roleplaying, which I kind of like myself :P)

  4. Sexual Negotiations by /u/TheDetour2 script here You and I are diplomats engaged in some serious treaty negotiations. But we’re wildly attracted to each other, and take a much needed break for all kinds of sex :P

  5. Cat Woman Makes Her Escape by /u/NinjaFogg script here The full version of both the public preview and the EE members-only audio, for all you Catwoman-loving fellas! Meow!

So listen up, fellas!


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  • ArthurWynne on 2021-10-10 23:13:58 (UTC)

    Oh and what’s this? Being a big Catwoman fan ! I read this script ages ago when ninja first wrote it. And I never thought in my wildest dreams that the one and only Eve would be the one to bring it to life! This is better than I dared hope! Your Selina voice is sultry and seductive and every bit as wondrous as I was hoping for. I’m so thankful you decided to bring to life this gem of a script! Ninja Fogg, I owe you a beer!

    • A Eve on 2021-10-12 19:46:57 (UTC)

      I'm so delighted you enjoyed my take on Selina! I purposely didn't listen or watch anyone else's portrayal of her so I could make this one all my own!