ASMR Sensations - Let Yourself Feel

31:31 ASMR and Cock Worship Apr 11, 2021 9 comments 2326 783

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I decided to try another ASMR audio, this time layered with ASMR sounds, blowjob sounds, talking, etc. I've also had some requests for some gentle CE audios, so I've made another version of this audio, for those who are interested.

This 'regular' version features

  • ASMR sounds like clicking, popping, whispering, ear touching, breathing etc
  • Body scan to help you relax and destress
  • Cock Worship

The other one is the same, except for some very mild CE suggestions near the end.

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  • Runner69 on 2021-11-04 06:26:27 (UTC)

    Wow eve I love it so relax my anxiety is gone jut a feeling a fanasty of being with

  • Kabbageboy89 on 2021-05-13 22:08:12 (UTC)

    Oh lord above how am I able to best describe the ecstasy I felt with the meager vocabulary of the English language?

    With my noise canceling ear buds and my sleep mask in tow I set out on a pleasurable escapade. What I got was taken to a whole new dimension and experienced one of the most explosive orgasms ever.

    I'm spent, I'll need a few days maybe a week to recuperate.

    Eve I don't know how you do it, but my lord you are talented. Not to mention the whole positive reinforcement throughout the whole thing I think is what pushed me over the edge. Normally in regards to porn of any kind you seldom see any sex positivity towards men. However, the whole encouragement towards the end really got to me and intensified my pleasure to bounds never before felt.

    My mind is still shaken from this amazing experience but rest assured I eagerly await new content of this caliber.

    • A Eve on 2021-05-15 11:12:29 (UTC)

      Wow, what a testimonial! Thank you so much, I hope you've recovered :P

  • ArthurWynne on 2021-04-18 22:25:37 (UTC)

    Your Asmr/cock worship audios are just ridiculous. The tingles. The whispers. The moans. The sucking. God, I’ll never tire of this, for you execute it so well each and every time. Remarkable as ever. X

    • A Eve on 2021-04-23 12:13:39 (UTC)

      Thank you so much! I'm thinking of doing a kind of video ASMR series (with just my hands and things like soap, paint, scratches with my nails etc) to go along with the audio, would that be something you'd watch?

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2021-04-17 04:10:37 (UTC)

    It was nice to simply get lost in the flow of this layered ASMR audio, focusing on the pleasurable sensations and the sounds of licking, sucking and breathing. Quite the contrasting experience to a JOE/JOI where the listener must pay attention to the performer's cues and pace themselves in order to derive the most benefit. I found this audio to be simultaneously relaxing and stimulating, and normally in nature opposites neutralize or cancel out, but here these opposing forces complemented each other to produce twice the pleasure!

    • A Eve on 2021-04-23 12:14:04 (UTC)

      that's so good to hear, I always try to make my audios both, so I'm glad to know it's working!

  • ThisIsTheEleventh on 2021-04-12 13:22:22 (UTC)

    This was, quite literally, an experience. And definitely a new one for me. I've listened to many types of ASMR for years, but never anything like this. So many things you do, and always doing a good job at being creative.

    Also, there were more than a few sound layers. It must have taken some time to record and edit for a final cut of 30+ minutes.

    • A Eve on 2021-04-23 12:14:24 (UTC)

      It does take all day to do these, that's why I'm glad to know the effort was worth it xx