DREAM™️ - Oh Snap! (Ear-to-Ear and Triggers)

26:26 DREAM™ Apr 20, 2019 2 comments 5364 1602

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The delightful hpnorook wrote a new kind of DREAM script for me, featuring the same kind of soothing, relaxation induction and countdown, but also involving ear-to-ear binaural instruction and the unique use of finger snaps as a trigger to make you feel pleasure.

As with all my DREAM audios, this is a safe, pleasant, positive experience designed only to heighten your pleasure. Enjoy!


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  • Amen5850 on 2019-11-12 11:06:47 (UTC)

    OooooMG!!!!...The Pleasure came Rushing All At Once So Fast it was Incredible i was soooo about to cum i jus needed one more snap..i listen to it again just to here the snaps..i need more.....you should make the snaps longer like...TODAY YOU WILL CUM...i have a hard time but this one OMG!...i was so in there

  • Loldo on 2019-04-27 11:53:20 (UTC)

    Hey will you release DREAM audio for non exclusive members as well please do :)