Are you a Gentleman? Or a Rogue? Or Maybe Sometimes Both? Combined Version

11:37 special audio Mar 27, 2019 6 comments 1371 633

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This version is a bit...trippy. It was my original idea for this audio, layering both versions of Gentleman and Rogue (left ear and right ear) and having a central cock sucking track looping in the middle, with an afterglow section at the end.

The result is a bit confusing sounding, but it's the kind of thing you sometimes hear in hypnotic audios. The idea is that you will find yourself concentrating on one ear, on isolating one side of the audio, so you can figure out what I'm saying. It's a choice you have to make, since it's really difficult for even native speakers to take in two different layers of information at the same time.

However, you do hear and process the other track, it's just not something you consciously focus on. So it creates a kind of subconscious story for you, adding to the overall experience. At least that's the theory.

If you want to try it, I suggest you attempt to focus on one ear at a time, or switch it up throughout the audio, or focus on the sucking sounds. You might be surprised at what an interesting experience it is.

If it's just too trippy though, feel free to listen to the other two tracks in isolation instead :P

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  • MadWithLust on 2019-04-08 11:49:29 (UTC)

    You had me so curious about this, I had intended to just listen to a snippet of this to see how trippy it was! I ended up just listening to the whole thing!

    I thought I'd end up listening to one side more than the other but this one really was well crafted...I found myself seduced from one side to the other over and over again! Like I was totally focused on the gentlemen side at the start but then rogue side had an extra sultry whisper to it that just drove me wild! But then the gentleman side enticed me with a was like being in the middle of an irresistible Eve sandwich!!! Two Eves "fighting" over me... swoons

    But then I thought this might work better as an extended session "double feature" of each side individually, but then I was torn...would I be a Gentleman first, capturing her heart first and then releasing the Rogue...or would the Rogue be too much to hold back until the sweet afterglow when the Gentleman comes out? sigh Decisions...decisions... :P

    • A Eve on 2019-04-08 21:43:26 (UTC)

      haha I thought there might be some mixed feelings in this one...😋

  • Dezro125 on 2019-03-30 07:40:26 (UTC)

    That was pretty fucking awesome actually. Very satisfying as well, and the afterglow defused and wrapped everything up really nicely. Excellent work Eve!

    • A Eve on 2019-04-03 21:10:30 (UTC)

      Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

  • AnotherAfterglow on 2019-03-30 04:56:41 (UTC)

    Eve - This was GREAT! Like a mental game of ping-pong! Am I the Gentleman? Am I the Rogue? ....maybe I'm really both just jockeying for who gets to play with you. It was really fun bouncing from one role to another - to finally crescendo into the wonderful afterglow. (because you know I love afterglows) ;-)

    • A Eve on 2019-04-03 21:11:06 (UTC)

      I hoped that would be the effect of this audio, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And I love afterglow too, of course! :P