Netflix and Suck...(in stereo) part 1

14:19 Netflix and Suck Oct 17, 2017 29 comments 2306 848

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I have an idea...

If you enjoy this audio, in which we're hanging out watching Star Trek Discovery and Narcos and I casually suck your cock until you cum...why don't we make this a regular thing?

  1. Together we'll choose a tv show episode.

  2. I'll start it with the sound off, and watch the whole thing as I record myself sucking and licking and lavishing your cock, making witty commentary about what's happening in the show.

  3. You then fire up that episode and my audio at the same time - so that you can follow along with my comments and real time reactions to what we're seeing, all the while enjoying a casual, satisfying suck.

How does that grab you?

Okay now shut up, I don't want to miss Pablo xox

EDIT - just to clarify for everyone, based on what I'm seeing in the comments. The concept is what matters here, not whether it's actually Netflix or not.

Maybe we can agree on something on Youtube, for instance, or Crackle or some other site. Or maybe this was just a bad idea :P

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  • MadWithLust on 2017-11-07 13:11:06 (UTC) the current rate, I'll be on Episode 1 for a long time! I could barely tell the TV was on...I was so lost in the thrill of having my pants torn off and enjoying the real show! Just lying back and relaxing until that climatic moment!

    I'm sure Pablo also did something on screen but I wasn't paying attention...sigh...I guess we'll have to restart on Episode 1 next time we have Netflix and suck... :P

    • A Eve on 2017-11-10 14:11:44 (UTC)

      haha, yes, this could be the longest season in history! xox

  • billymacorbuddy on 2017-10-21 15:14:41 (UTC)

    I've gone 30+ years without ever having seen an episode of Star Trek. I may end up having to break that streak on this series. I love the idea though, kinda like an eraudic MST3K. :)

    • A Eve on 2017-10-21 20:32:33 (UTC)

      haha you've never seen a Star Trek? Wow. That would be something! And I haven't seen MST3K either!

      • billymacorbuddy on 2017-10-22 20:41:23 (UTC)

        I dunno, something about Star Trek just seems so cheesy to me, I think it's the uniforms. MST3K can be hit and miss, it can be funny or stupid, you've been warned. ;)

        • A Eve on 2017-10-23 12:32:06 (UTC)

          haha I'll give it a go :P

        • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-10-22 22:16:03 (UTC)

          About the Starfleet uniforms, sometimes I can agree.

          • A Eve on 2017-10-23 12:31:52 (UTC)

            So many jumpsuits in the future, I notice. :P

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-10-19 12:56:44 (UTC) (edited)

    I hope I've made my enthusiasm for this new idea of yours clear enough in my comment, Eve! :D The specific content or network is just a minor detail and, for me personally, not being able to watch a given title will in no way detract from the overarching theme of being a participant in a cool, casual sucking. Besides, whether it's House of Cards, Game of Thrones, some reality show on regular cable, or BBC News on the tube, I think I'd be much too distracted by the sucking anyway to care about the choice and, for the purposes of this audio concept, that's a lot more immersive to me. 😊

    ADDED P.S.: I just heard that Ireland and the U.K. are in the path of what they're calling a 'potentially explosive' and 'weather bomb' Storm Brian with possibly up to 110-130 km/h gusts. Be safe, Eve!

    • A Eve on 2017-10-19 19:37:27 (UTC)

      Yes, I just heard about this one now too! We're on Orange Alert, as opposed to Red Alert, so we'll see how it goes. Good thing I'm not well enough to consider cycling again, that could be a bit of a 'tough auld slog' as they say :P

      They're debating making it a crime to ignore severe weather warnings, due to the number of fatalities and 'near-fatalities' that we experienced - absolute jackasses deciding to go for a swim in Galway Bay, or windsurfing, or leaping off towers into the sea.

      Last year a rescue helo crew was killed trying to medivac someone off a boat at sea (who had just lopped off a bit of finger, wasn't even life threatening) - the sister of one of the crewmen was furious at all the people who were out there risking rescue workers' lives as well as their own.

      • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-10-19 21:52:32 (UTC)

        That's just awful! With all the storms and violent gales it must be highly dangerous to be a SAR/Coast Guard crewmember over there. And there was also the Rescue 116 crash this spring that killed 4 crew including Capt. Dara Fitzpatrick in waters off Co. Mayo. After tragedies like these, one would think that cavalier jokers like the ones we heard about during Ophelia would be more careful with their own lives. I'd definitely support them making it a crime, with jail or heavy fines as a deterrent to this wildly reckless behaviour.

        Over here in B.C. SAR crews here have to deal with thefts and vandalism of thousands of dollars worth of lifesaving equipment from wilderness caches and volunteers' homes/vehicles. Would be the perfect karmic punishment for these thieves to one day get in trouble themselves and be in need of rescue.

        • A Eve on 2017-10-19 23:42:57 (UTC)

          Oh! You're better informed than I am, I was referring to Rescue 116, I thought it was last year!

          • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-10-20 03:41:35 (UTC)

            It feels like the years are flying by so fast I myself have a hard time sometimes placing events in time.

            • A Eve on 2017-10-20 20:37:36 (UTC)

              As kids, a year felt like it took forever! Now it flies by so fast, I want it to slow down! :D

  • Durgarnkuld on 2017-10-19 12:01:00 (UTC)

    Naah, the idea is fine, Eve! I'm always up for some Seinfeld or King of Queens!

    • A Eve on 2017-10-19 19:38:03 (UTC)

      haha I love that idea - a Seinfeld Suck!

  • someguy on 2017-10-18 03:23:57 (UTC)

    It's sooooo fucking hot when regular everyday activities just also happen to involve blowjobs. Is it considered a fetish? Because I definitely have it. Major ASMR tingles all over my body with this one

    • A Eve on 2017-10-19 19:38:27 (UTC)

      I'm so glad you got ASMR tingles from this, I didn't intend that, but that's a great bonus!

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-10-17 22:49:19 (UTC)

    I don't have Netflix either so I won't be able to follow along with Narcos, but I do have Space channel on cable and I'm binge watching Discovery right now. It's good to see a familiar face - Sonequa Martin-Green played Sasha on The Walking Dead up until this spring, and for the chance to helm a new Star Trek I can see why she'd want to join the ranks of the zombies on her previous gig!

    Googles Pablo Escobar Narcos Hell, no! It's all you: your sexy voice, your sucking, and your piquant attempts at speaking Spanish, Eve! For me personally, the endorphin rush from the feels in both mind and body brought about by your audios is incomparably superior (and medically beneficial not to mention completely safe!) next to Pablo's 'merchandise'. Love the laid back, casual atmosphere conducive to chillaxing that you've created for this audio, how the pacing allows the cumming to just happen organically without pressure. Your laughter and commentary's quite welcome too, the point of hanging out after all is to talk, not to keep our mouths shut and eyes glued to the screen. I sense your excitement about this idea so chalk me up as interested in hearing more of this movie night kind of thing!

    • A Eve on 2017-10-19 19:38:58 (UTC)

      I'm sure we'll come up with something. We could try Twilight Zone or some of those older Outer Limits type things maybe?

      • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-10-20 02:51:39 (UTC)

        Those choices could make for a very surreal listening/viewing experience indeed, and you could work in your own variation of a plot twist into the audio! YouTube or Crackle sound good, since everyone with a computer can access them,'s another similar free and legit streaming service with whole movies on offer (mature-rated movies need a free registration though.) If you'd ever do one on comedy, I know Father Ted 😂 is licensed by Dead Parrot on YouTube as I'm just starting the second season now.

        • A Eve on 2017-10-20 20:38:13 (UTC)

          oh god, a blowjob to Father Ted! Goin' straight to hell!

  • Georgio36 on 2017-10-17 18:28:05 (UTC) (edited)

    Eve this sounds like a wonderful idea! You always know how to wow us. The thing is i don't have Netflix at the moment so im not sure if i can still play along with this audio. But i will listen to it anyways cuz i love your voice 🌺. I love the idea of just chilling with you, eating our favorite snacks, watching a romantic comedy & if you wanted to take control over me; you can have me. You lavishing a cock in this Eraudic Fantasy can certainly release a lot of tension. I love to think of your site here as our very own EraudiFlix. So many great titles to choose from at any time. Anyways definitely make this a regular thing here ok. Stay safe & don't worry about the newsletter. Im just glad to hear from you & that you are ok 😊

    • A Eve on 2017-10-19 19:39:41 (UTC)

      haha Eraudiflix, I love it! I will definitely try to make this a more regular thing 💋

      • Georgio36 on 2017-10-20 04:28:15 (UTC)

        Ok Eve that's a deal! 😊

    • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-10-17 22:55:29 (UTC)

      EraudiFlix, that's a good one! :D I feel really privileged to be a passholder for the premium content! Have a great evening!

      • Georgio36 on 2017-10-18 02:54:48 (UTC)

        Thanks pal! I always appreciate your awesome comments. I haven't been feeling well so seeing this makes me smile. Have a great day & week Charlie 😊🍀

  • MrDindon on 2017-10-17 16:20:51 (UTC) (edited)

    I really like it! It feels very personal. Just relax on the couch having a good time. And for your question: Yea! Totally! That sounds fun and very immersive. I'm going through netflix and i can't make up my mind, but for me anything would do. You could also take a sequence in a movie it would be great too! Edit: after reading Georgio and Charlie's comments, i don't really see many alternatives for everybody to be able to watch it other than directly buying the said series or movies wich would cost around 3-5$ wich i guess is not that bad.

    • A Eve on 2017-10-19 19:40:04 (UTC)

      Yes, a bit of a movie might work as well, good suggestion! Merci Dindon!