Nurse Eve gives TLC...Tender Loving Cunt

28:17 Medical Jan 01, 2015 9 comments 6338 2502

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Need some tender loving cunt? Nurse Eve is here to make you feel really, really good...


By request, I've created a Special Purchase Bundle of five audios from the Eraudica Exclusive collection. They are available as a one-time purchase on my sister site, The audios in this bundle include this one, and four others that represent a general sample of the kinds of EE audios I do.

Here are the order and titles of the five audios

  1. DREAM- Your Dream Therapist
  2. Good Morning Shower Fuck
  3. Nurse Eve TLC - this one
  4. Sweeter Nothings Blowjob
  5. You Need Your Cock Sucked

Just go to my profile here and click the lock to buy. Once you purchase, you'll be provided with a downloaded zip of all the audios.


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  • Vermouth1991 on 2018-01-14 18:19:19 (UTC) (edited)

    Oh, wow! What a romp! I'm almost in tears right now, you wonderful, wonderful nurse.

    No, wait! What? They can't fire you! You just saved myself from bursting from blue balls! I'm gonna have a word with your superiors...

    *an hour later*

    Whew! *straightens belt buckles* I have good news for you, Nurse Eve. You're still technically fired, but after giving Dr Broadchest a live demo of what went on between us, I've managed to persude her to not write down the reason of dismissal as "fraternizing with patient" on your referential letter, you're in no worse shape for future employment than if you just quit yourself. :) Yes, Eve. When our argument began, she wanted to shame you as if you are an immature girl who can't behave properly. But I showed her how natural it was for a medical caregiver to help guys like me in distress, how natural it was for a red-blooded woman to surrender herself a pillar of manhood. Yes, she was most impressed with my hands-on reasoning and my take-charge attitude. I knocked her over with the solid evidence I presented, and she practically gagged over the chance to see it up close, and ended up swallowing every bit of what I had there to feed her. }:) After that she was in tears herself, begging me to stay a bit longer with her... yup, that's right, I totally ripped open her blouse and tore off her panties and fucked her brains out over her office table. You should see her right now, twitching in afterglow and splattered with my cum, with even more of it oozing out of her well-stretched... Mmmmmmmm, thank you for the kiss, Eve. Even after everything that's gone down, I'm still flattered that you want me like this. (I hope you're not jealous though? I did it all for you...) May I buy you dinner tonight? I really hope you can work at my place as my personal fucktoy — er, physician, but let's just take things a bit easy for the time being?

    • A Eve on 2018-01-16 00:23:27 (UTC)

      haha okay :P

      • Vermouth1991 on 2018-02-06 06:13:09 (UTC) (edited)

        Over-the-top, as usual. ;)

  • Daviebhoy on 2016-05-15 23:32:28 (UTC)

    Hot nurse in stockings take twice a day or whenever symptoms arise 😙🔥💋

    • A Eve on 2016-04-01 17:10:11 (UTC)

      haha did you pass out? I know CPR!

        • A Eve on 2016-04-03 13:57:50 (UTC)

          haha please be careful! :D

  • DreamCoch on 2015-03-19 11:38:38 (UTC) (edited)

    Eve! Thank you.

    This is a wonderful audio. One of my favourite fantasies is the Nurse/medical genre and this audio is probably one of the best expressions of that which I have heard/seen.

    Plus I love the idea that any sexy woman/you could be so eager that they would 'misread' a doctor's handwriting to get what they want.


    • A Eve on 2015-03-20 23:06:14 (UTC)

      You see what you want to see :P

      • DreamCoch on 2015-03-21 23:44:02 (UTC) (edited)

        That's hot. And, I know what I want to see. ;)