While not an exhaustive list, these are some of the more common terms you might encounter on this site and elsewhere. I have left out some terms and acronyms that I feel are commonly known, but if you come across something you want clarification on, please feel free to ask.

Aftercare - Usually refers to the ‘coming down’, after-the-sex time, especially if the participants have been engaging in something potentially troubling, painful, or something they otherwise feel needs to be stepped back from.

Afterglow - That beautiful, warm, safe, happy feeling you get after orgasm, when endorphins and other feel-good hormones are flooding your body.

Aftersex - A term I made up to describe the very necessary things that happen after orgasm, like cuddling, laughing, caressing, kissing, or just being together in general, in stark contrast to porn where everything abruptly stops after the ‘money shot’.

ASMR - Stands for Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response- in layman’s terms, soft-spoken, quiet sounds and whispers designed to create tingling sensations in those listeners who are prone to experience these sensations.

Ass play - I use this term to describe ways in which I tease, tickle or in other ways play around the listener’s ass, without actual penetration or anal sex (see Pegging)

BE - Breast Expansion - A kink that features extraordinary growth of a woman’s breasts, to epic proportions. Expansion can also refer to epic penis growth as well. (see Growth)

BHM - Big Handsome Man - Refers to larger guys, not in a fetishy or negative way, but just acknowledging their physical size.

CE/CEI - Cum Eating or Cum Eating Instructions. Refers to the listener tasting, licking or eating his own cum. If a tag says cum eating, cum swallowing, etc, it means I’m the one doing it. If the listener is doing it, it will be tagged as CE or CEI

CFNM - Clothed Female, Naked Male - Just what it sounds like!

CYOA- Choose Your Own Adventure - narrative stories in which I post options in a poll, and listeners can vote for what they would like to hear happen next.

DREAM - Deep Relaxation Erotic Audio Meditation - For certain reasons, this is the name I must use on this site to describe audios in which I relax you, induce you to relax more, deepen you, and then provide positive suggestions to help you achieve a deeply satisfying orgasm before bringing you back up to your regular waking state.

Edging - Bringing yourself just to the point of orgasm (i.e. ‘the edge’) and then not allowing yourself to cum.

Eve-angelist - A tongue in cheek name I created to describe my super fans, those who spread the word about me and what I do and generally act as my cheering squad! Learn more here.

EveDom- My version of femdom, which is positive, loving, and fun (in stark contrast to the humiliation and degradation of most femdom)

E.V.E - Erotic Virtual Entity - A character created by /u/leytod. She is the sentient A.I computer on board the deep space vessel Evergreen, tasked with caring for her Captain and all his needs, especially his sexual ones.

Face tapping - During a blowjob, gently tapping the cock against her face.

Fap/fapping - Slang for male masturbation - comes from the sound a guy’s hand makes as it moves over his cock.

Finisher - Very short, very intense audios designed to help you orgasm quickly after having worked yourself up for a while.

Fsub - Female Submission - In these audios, my character is much more submissive, and may be in submissive positions or be inclined to beg and plead.

FWB - Friends With Benefits - becoming sexual with someone who is at present or who will remain 'just a friend', for various reasons.

GFE- Girlfriend Experience. Usually refers to a service offered by escorts and sex workers, who will provide a ‘girlfriend experience’ with cuddling, making love, etc. In the context of this site, I often describe my audios as ‘girlfriend experience’ to generally describe those audios in which I role play someone in a relationship with the listener. More specifically, I call some audios GFE when they feature only sounds of sex/kissing with little or no words spoken.

Growth - the kink that features extraordinary expansion of breasts and/or cocks (see BE)

HFO - Hands-Free Orgasm. Some men are able to achieve an orgasm without ever touching their cock, somewhat similar to the ‘wet dreams’ some men have during adolescence. Audios marked as HFO explicitly encourage the listener to try to orgasm without touching himself. They can be enjoyed just as much if you do touch yourself during it.

JOI/JOE - Jerk Off Instruction/Encouragement - Audios that specifically encourage the listener to stroke his cock and usually cum on command.

L-Bomb - Usually found on other audio sites, it refers to the mentioning of love or “I Love You” in an audio. I don’t like the term, and prefer to write out “I Love You” as a tag if it’s relevant.

Loveplay - In this context, loveplay refers to audios in which the fantasy is about being in love. Not quite the same as a loving or romantic audio, this is specifically about fantasizing about being crazy in love.

MDom - Male Domination - in these audios, the listener is supposed to be dominant or very masculine, stronger, heavier, more demanding, etc. I don’t perform audios about any kind of negative MDom (the kind that can include pain, humiliation, etc), I usually use the term to simply describe the slightly dominant role the male takes in this audio.

MSub - the opposite of MDom - the male listener is in the more submissive role.

NNN- No Nut November - a challenge some men take on to not masturbate or orgasm at all during the month of November

Outercourse - usually means rubbing his cock along the legs or butt, sometimes to orgasm, without actual penetration.

Pegging - Anal sex for men, using fingers or a strap-on dildo or other toy. In my case, it means a female partner doing this to her man, it doesn’t include a real penis or another man in the scene.

Rawr Eve - A term I came up with to describe those audios in which I’m crazy horny, raunchy and wild with lust, just ready to jump you right now!

Rimming - anilingus, or licking a person’s butthole.

Schlicking/Shlicking - Slang term for the wet sounds a girl makes when she masturbates. The female equivalent of fapping.

Spooning - When one partner lies behind the other, and his or her legs create a kind of spoon for the front partner to fit into. Usually means cuddling, snuggling, something close and affectionate.

Sex-positive - This term is being used more and more these days, usually to mean a general acceptance of everyone’s sexual identity and preferences, gender expression, kinks, etc. More specifically, I use it to describe how I view sexuality - seeing it as a fun and healthy part of life, and refusing to describe it as filthy, dirty, nasty or bad.

Succubus- From wikipedia - A succubus is a demon in female form, or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend), that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or mental state, or even death. In modern representations, a succubus may or may not appear in dreams and is often depicted as a highly attractive seductress or enchantress; whereas, in the past, succubi were generally depicted as frightening and demonic.

Sucky Fucky - a tongue in cheek term I came up with describe those audios, or those parts of audios, that specifically feature cock worship and sex. As opposed to non-erotic audios, in which there is no ‘sucky fucky’

Switch - sometimes people describe themselves as a ‘Switch’, which means that they can be either dominant or submissive depending on their mood, partner, circumstances, etc. I use it to refer to audios in which either I or the listen trade places as the dominant partner.

Taint - Slang for a man’s perineum - the area between a man’s balls and his butthole. It comes from the idea of “it ain’t your balls, it ain’t your butt”.

Vanilla - a general category of porn, sometimes also called ‘porn for women’ or ‘female friendly’. Usually it includes lovemaking, missionary positions, affection, love, passion, marriage and relationships, humour, and anything without any kinks or fetishes involved.