In the Smallest Moments

02:14 erotic poetry Feb 11, 2024 4 comments 604 180

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In the Smallest Moments

In the smallest moments
you steal my breath,
catching it like a wild,
fluttering thing
holding it in your palm
with tender, savage grace.

The pulse at my throat leaps
at the merest whisper of your
lips across my skin,
the blush that meets
my eyes is only a shadow
of the lust that dwells within.

Playful glances
belie the burn,
the curve of my smile
hides the hunger.
I arch beneath you,
only to draw closer
to strain, to reach
to be that much nearer
to the scorching pleasure
of your knowing hands.

Whisper your warm breath
across my nipples and watch them pebble
see them grow tight and achingly hard
eager for you to graze
a fingertip across them
and pull a cry from my lips,
desperate for you to enclose them
in the warm, wet heaven
of your mouth.

Summon the fire
with slow, singeing strokes
of your tongue across my
smallest place,
my smallest moment
of ecstasy,
savor my heat as
I swell beneath you, as my swollen bud blooms
in wild torment,
in delicious
as desire drips from me
like liquid silk,
as you slake your thirst
and sate your lust
in the lush, damp haven
of my trembling, aching flesh.

Oh yes...
my breath escapes
on a jagged cry
my limbs quivering,
my thighs trembling
like a new leaf in spring
oh yes and yes and yes
yes, my lover, yes

In these
our smallest moments
you leave me
without words,
without sound...



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  • MadWithLust on 2024-02-16 13:19:46 (UTC)

    Yes, yes, YES! What a sensual allure to have a lover so open and trusting to surrender herself so completely to her pleasure! And what a thrill to be the lucky guy to be entranced to explore every inch and to witness such beautiful release,, so much desire you could "taste" it...swoon

    runs off to search the "tit sucking" and "pussy licking" tags

    • A Eve on 2024-03-11 19:50:50 (UTC)

      haha that's why they're there!

  • Car54whereartthou on 2024-02-12 06:19:16 (UTC)

    Once again you pen such a beautiful song, a glorious duet, such sweet verse... Oh, to be the recipient and the giver of such precious moments of ecstasy!

    • A Eve on 2024-03-11 19:51:01 (UTC)

      Aw, thank you!