I Daydream About You - Erotic Poetry Written and Performed by Eve

03:04 erotic poetry May 21, 2024 6 comments 522 99

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I'm thinking of compiling my erotic poems into a collection and publishing them via Amazon. Would any of you be interested in such a collection? I'd include never-before published poems, and I'd record them as well. Please let me know what you think!

When I’m alone, I daydream about you…

Your voice in my ear, hot breath tickling me

That low rumble of desire and possessiveness

Those lips just brushing the shell of my ear

Just to remind me that I’m yours

In every way a person can be.

I think about your hands on my hips

and then lower

gently squeezing my ass

like you’re testing it

like you want to know how it will feel

slapping against your hips

how it will ripple as you plunge into me

how your fingers will leave ten white scars

when you hold me still and fuck me.

I think about your hands drifting higher

deftly slipping up under my shirt

cupping my breasts and pinching my nipples

making me gasp

as you laugh softly in my ear and your cock surges

pressing firmly against my ass.

I think about the moment when you go over that edge

when you cross that line between playful teasing

and relentless desire

when your cock aches and the need to take me fills you.

Will you sink your hand into my hair

and down to my jaw

just to feel my delicate throat under your control?

Will you tilt my head back and take my mouth

with a savage, hungry kiss?

Will you push me against the wall and tease me

fingers sliding into my pussy as I groan

finding my lips and making me suck my own desire

off your glistening fingers?

And will you finally turn me around to face you

pinning me with your gaze

as you slide your cock into me

groaning with pleasure as my pussy grips you

and your hips start to buck

thrusting deeper and deeper

giving that cock what it needs?

Will you cum inside me, as I spasm around you?

As I shatter on your cock and cry out your name

will you bite out my name

through clenched teeth and ragged breath?

I daydream about you

Do you daydream about me?


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  • Chicane on 2024-05-26 13:01:07 (UTC)

    A collection of your erotic poetry- emphatically, yes, I'd be interested. And occasional romantic(or other) verse in there as well? To give us time to catch our breath, of course. As if the arc of the whole work was also a kind of stepwise build to climax. Just a thought. But yes, interested, in whatever form :-)

    • A Eve on 2024-05-29 10:01:52 (UTC)

      You're clairvoyant, that's exactly how I was going to arrange them! Thanks!

  • MadWithLust on 2024-05-24 11:52:52 (UTC)

    Fuck! This escalated quickly and you had my full attention! :P

    All those sexy little details touch all the right turn-ons! My own fantasies are often similar to this, where I don't have everything fully envisioned. Just so many little erotic fragments and the lust leads the way through all those sexy moments...mmm.... sexy fantasy reveal with trust and surrender and "possession" to kissy fucky creampie name moan ...swoon

    But to answer your eight questions...the answer to all of them are OMG! YES! :P But I have to admit, I look forward to your recordings of them a bit more...the words on the page don't capture the pacing of the sexy events unfolding or the passion behind every elegantly selected sexy moment brought to mind! ♥♥♥!

    • A Eve on 2024-05-25 20:56:27 (UTC)

      Thank you MWL! I agree, words on a page can be kind of cold...I like to make them hot! :P

  • Car54whereartthou on 2024-05-22 01:31:27 (UTC)

    I do surely wish you would! Yes! I have loved everything that you have written and posted on eraudica! You write such delicious, delightful, lusty, sensual, tender verse like this one, and I had hoped you would publish at some point. I might've made a comment along the way with a previous verse wondering that very thing... And if you could find a way to deliver an autographed copy, I would happily pay a premium!

    • A Eve on 2024-05-25 20:56:42 (UTC)

      Well I will definitely oblige!