But Dude, You *Have* to Have Sex on Valentine's! ❤️

17:05 valentine's day Feb 14, 2024 12 comments 7840 1064

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This sweet and funny Valentine's Day friends-to-lover script by /u/I_Nortrum caught my eye, just in time for V Day!

Happy Valentine's to you, and if you don't have someone special, let me be your Valentine!


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  • Maxboyt on 2024-06-11 10:26:02 (UTC)

    Dear Eve, your stories ae the apogee of eroticism. Your presentation is exemplary and an unbelieveable turn on. I remember one date, when I lectured in America, who was fascinated by an uncircumcised penis. She used to play with my foreskin, moving it up and down over the head and she loved my production of precum and how smoothly the precum worked as ''an exquisite lubricant'', as she put it. You might incorporate some of this in your superb stories. I know you mention precum in your delightful stories but I think you need to linger on this aspect of men's anatomy. Love, Max xx

    • A Eve on 2024-06-12 17:44:10 (UTC)

      I have an audio called "intact adoration" which is dedicated to such wonderful aspects of a man's anatomy!

  • LoganWynnWales090 on 2024-05-18 17:59:10 (UTC) (edited)

    “Who's peekin' out from under a stairway Calling a name that's lighter than air Who's bending down to give me a rainbow Everyone knows it's Windy

    Who's tripping down the streets of the city Smilin' at everybody she sees Who's reachin' out to capture a moment Everyone knows it's Windy

    And Windy has stormy eyes That flash at the sound of lies And Windy has wings to fly Above the clouds (above the clouds) Above the clouds (above the clouds)

    And Windy has stormy eyes That flash at the sound of lies And Windy has wings to fly Above the clouds (above the clouds) Above the clouds (above the clouds)..🩵🩵”

    • A Eve on 2024-05-21 21:58:25 (UTC)

      I love this song! I can hear it as I read the lyrics, it's so cheerful ❤️

  • PerplexedCertainty on 2024-02-25 21:23:46 (UTC)

    Happy birthday, birthday buddy! I hope you've had a nice day. I know that this was a really nice and fun way to end my own birthday today :D

    I've listened to someone else's version of this script before. I'm not sure how you do it each and every time, but this was once again on another level. All the laughs and other sounds you do make your audio's so cozy to listen to. They (and probably other things I can't even describe) really do pull the listener in! Especially the way you do friends to lovers always gets me excited whenever I see you release a new one

    • A Eve on 2024-03-11 19:48:14 (UTC)

      I hope you had a great birthday too!

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2024-02-18 17:56:43 (UTC)

    Dates with prospective boyfriends come and go, but Friends to Lovers are enduring! Love & especially the rush of infatuation and lust at the inception of attraction are the marquee attractions in the popular idea of romantic relationships, but what I like about the organic Friends to Lovers concept is the importance of actually liking your person of interest, as a human being, as a friend, as a companion for life. How it reflects the timeless value of finding special people via shared interests & values.

    I hope your own Valentine's Day was a good one! I enjoyed candy hearts and Valentine-themed jelly beans so I could certainly describe my day as sweet. :P And randomly I was reminded of the existence of Forever Roses, the preserved roses that retain their colour & freshness for up to 3 years.

    • A Eve on 2024-03-11 19:48:34 (UTC)

      Wow, 3 years? That's a Frankenflower!

  • MCMongoose on 2024-02-16 09:34:36 (UTC)

    I'm freaking out a little, Eve.

    32nd Valentine's day alone.

    Recently tried to get advice from some people on how to change my sexless existence and the response... it suggested getting a sex worker or... giving up (in a much more definite sense).

    Is it that dire?

    • A Eve on 2024-03-11 19:49:59 (UTC)

      No of course not. Sex workers are a very good idea for people worried about experience, but if it doesn't fit well for you, just hang in there. Whatever you do, please just ignore V Day - it's a fun thing to do an audio about, but it's just an invention to sell more cards, candies and flowers.

  • FlowOLF141 on 2024-02-15 15:50:41 (UTC)

    Hi Eve This is my first time commenting on you're site, iv'e been following you're work for over 6 years and i alwaysed loved you're audios and how passionate you are in them,whenever i felt sad or unloved i played one of you're audios and immediatley felt so much better from an awsome orgasm from the best woman,maybe this is not important but i'm from romania and i alwaysed dreamed an audio from you in my language but i know it's hard and you are busy and probable i will be the only one to understand it😅,aniway thank you for everything you've done and keep on the good work lots of hugs and kisses for our beloved Evie,and happy Valentine's day love youuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • A Eve on 2024-03-11 19:50:24 (UTC)

      Thank you so much! I'm so glad you've been listening for so long!