Sometimes - Erotic Poetry Written and Performed by Eve

01:50 erotic poetry Sep 27, 2023 4 comments 757 184

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I want you sweet and tender,

eyes gazing down at me

slow, steady strokes,

your hips moving like a wave,

your cock plunging,

and lingering,

your mouth on mine,

our breath mingling,

our hearts beating in time;

a union of bliss.


I want you hard and fast

faceless, from behind,

a hard cock impaling me,

strong hands gripping me,

thrusting and bucking,

slamming and ramming,

the sound of sweat soaked skin slapping

and moans of pleasure


higher and louder,

until we both explode.


I want a bit of both…

I want you slow and deep

then hard and fast

I want kisses

and then bites

I want words of love

then curses

both falling mindlessly

from your lips.

I want a frenzied fuck

and a sensual dance,

I want your hand on my throat,

and your fingers entwined in mine,

I want your forehead pressed against mine

and your cock down my throat.

Sometimes I want to cry out your name

begging you to fuck me,

moaning and writhing beneath you

urging you to cum,

and sometimes I want you to laugh

and tease me

before finally giving in,

and sometimes I want you to lose control

and fuck me senseless

driven wild with lust

because sometimes,

all the time,

every time…

I just want



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  • MadWithLust on 2023-09-29 11:59:41 (UTC)

    So much YES! You really know how to capture that spark, that unbelievably amazing connection that makes two lovers want each other in just about every possible way! And all those magic words... swoon

    • A Eve on 2023-10-20 20:17:17 (UTC)

      Thank you, it's the spark that I'm always chasing!

  • Car54whereartthou on 2023-09-28 07:59:32 (UTC)

    I am so excited to see more of your free verse. I don't think there is anything more sensual than a beautiful female voice (yours) reading erotic verse (yours).

    A poor homage to your verse-

    Sometimes I want her,

    Wanting her so bad,

    Wanting her to push me down

    Pinning my hands and my eyes

    With a gaze so hot

    Her straddling me and painting my abdomen with Heat and Wet,

    Rotating hips and pelvis till cunt meets cock.

    Sometimes teasing sliding riding, sometimes sheathing my cock in one fell slide, all the while piercing my mouth with tongue,

    Or sometimes wanting her showing me her back with hips and thighs and parted pussy lips wet and flushed pink, hovering just wanting,

    Lowering to find my tongue, my lips. While her mouth lips are parted over cock.

    We dance, we thrust we parry till we drown with one the other's nectar.

    Sometimes I want to look at her every part, every crack and crevice, nook and cranny,

    To eat her and lap her up, from toe to ear.

    I want her


    • A Eve on 2023-10-20 20:16:48 (UTC)

      Thank you so much for this, that's lovely!