Deeper (erotic freeverse by me)

02:06 erotic poetry Nov 29, 2023 6 comments 1538 346

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Just when I think

I can’t possibly feel more

want more

need more…

Just when I think

my eyes have seen

everything that can be called beauty

in your eyes,

Just when I think

my heart can’t beat any faster,

and my breath

can’t catch in my throat

any more than it already does,

You take me deeper.

Just when I think

I’ve found perfection

in your trembling touch,

heaven in your smile,

and something like home

in the sweet music of your laugh,

Just when I think

I can’t crave your body

more than I do now,

can’t ache for your warmth

and hunger for release

in the shelter of your arms,

Just when I think

there is no greater pleasure

than giving myself to you

in every way a person can

You take me deeper…

You unfold before me

like a desert bloom

welcoming, alluring

verdant with sensual promise

and lush pleasure,

You pull me in,


and deeper

until I’m joined with you

in that most primal

and savage of ways…

You surround me, engulf me

drag from my ragged voice

sounds of pleasure and pain,

of sweet agony and desperation

as my body obeys your

skillful commands.

And just when I think

I can’t possibly be any deeper

lost in your depths and

utterly yours,

you turn your eyes up to me

and smile

and I know

that I am only

just barely


the surface.


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  • MadWithLust on 2023-12-05 12:22:15 (UTC)

    Mmm...what a powerful piece of freeverse and a moving performance!

    I immediately thought physical ("deeper" is just such irresistible sexy talk) but then it felt so emotional...and then got physical again....swoon I love that inseparable intertwining of pure unabashed intimacy and connection!!! You have such a way of capturing that spark! ♥!

    • A Eve on 2023-12-05 20:54:51 (UTC)

      That spark is everything, isn't it?

  • CheckpointCharlie on 2023-12-03 20:15:04 (UTC)

    I love these sensual and erotic poems! Stimulating for both body and mind.

    • A Eve on 2023-12-05 20:54:18 (UTC)

      Thank you!

  • Car54whereartthou on 2023-11-30 04:54:46 (UTC)

    It's been too long Eve. This lovely and sweet, and oh so sensual, warm and loving... and a promise of being never ending! I love it when you surprise us with such erotic verse that leaves an almost trembling ache, ah!

    • A Eve on 2023-12-05 20:54:35 (UTC)

      Trembling ache! That's what I'm going for!