Again - Erotic Poetry Written and Performed by Eve

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Here's the text of the poem:


I was over you.

I had tucked you away

in a corner of my memory,

in the cool, dark place

where old friends and

adolescent crushes


in nostalgic dreams

like benevolent ghosts.

I had learned to think of you

with warmth

not heat,

with affection

not breathless,

giddy desire,

if I even thought of you

at all.

And even though

I sometimes missed

the way my pulse

would leap

and flutter

beneath my

tingling skin,

the way my breath

would catch,

the way one warm

whisper against

the shell of my ear

would quake through me

like a sweet orgasmic

ripple of need…

I was glad to be free.

But now,


I see you again,

and the flutter

in my chest

silences my breath.

I feel your hand

as it slips over mine

and I wonder how

I lived so long without

this touch.

I hear your voice

and it's like

coming home.

I should say no,

and you should say no,

but when your mouth

finds mine

and your arms pull me in

I am nothing but need

and heat and


liquid desire.

My hands fumble

to find your bare skin,

my fingers tear

at buttons and fabric

to get to you,

to feel you again,

to possess you,

for a moment

for an hour

for a lifetime -

for however long

I can have you

just to taste you again,

just to sink to my knees

and worship you.

Just to feel your

heat on my tongue

and your pleasure

in my mouth

and hear your cries

as I bring you

again and again

to that place,

our place,

where we

neither of us

are free…

Where I am over you

and you are over me,

and where we crumple the sheets

and scatter the blankets,

rolling and tumbling,

thrusting and taking,

biting the pillow,

gripping the headboard,

panting as we fuck

with our eyes as surely

as with our bodies,

our skin slick with sweat,

our limbs entwined,

our mouths meeting,

again and again,

until that cool, dark place

where our memories have lived

alights again

and is consumed

a star burst of pleasure

and pain and

explosive desire

until we collapse.

And through panted breaths

and slow smiles,

our wise eyes

tell each other,

in ways no words

ever could

that we will never be free

and will always,


be back here



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  • MadWithLust on 2023-07-21 10:50:54 (UTC)

    Wow, you sure do know how to capture that wild, tumultuous topsy-turvy thing called love!

    I think there are plenty of writers who've done the highs of love or the lows of lost love, but this is the first time I've heard it described as both! All rolled into one! And it's also the first time I've heard about how hot, steamy bed breaking fucking has a way of changing things! The way it really does in real life, seeing a crush or old flame can just bring it all back in a rush of emotions and memories...

    What a great poem! And performed so passionately! 💕

    • A Eve on 2023-08-01 13:41:43 (UTC)

      Thank you so much! Topsy turvy is right! This sort of goes along with the There's Only You audio, don't you think?

  • Car54whereartthou on 2023-07-11 08:38:11 (UTC) (edited)

    To Eve, our Poet Laureate of erotic free verse, I'm almost at a loss for words other than thank you for fulfilling a wish that's been tucked away for awhile. Hoped for but not expected, this ode to addictive passion suddenly delivered, to my dazed surprise! Somebody pinch me! Adding a question - After listening carefully a third time, I definitely detect the sound of a siren approaching from a distance in this recording. It increases in volume as the pace and intensity of the poem accelerates, until it is quite distinct. There is also a gray noise affect like a steady rain that persists throughout along with at least one muffled sound like thunder near the end of the siren. Anyone else notice these sounds? I think it unlikely that you overlooked these sounds Eve, so I am thinking this is some subtile ASMR to raise the tension around the inevitable collision of her and him! Care to confirm or deny Eve?

    • A Eve on 2023-07-12 22:58:53 (UTC)

      you caught me :P

  • CheckpointCharlie on 2023-07-10 19:04:42 (UTC)

    That was beautiful, Eve. Although I'm not sure how to interpret it. Is it about a neverending mutual love or is it about a shared obsession? In any case, your writing and performance was impeccable.

    • A Eve on 2023-07-10 20:45:38 (UTC)

      that's what's great about poetry - it's up to you to interpret it :P (and thank you)