Vanilla Spice: Ass Play in the Shower (Preview Version)

10:48 Aug 04, 2021 0 comments 11487 1350

Download (9 MB, MP3)

I'm experimenting with adding audios in a new way - this free preview audio is the first minutes of a new Vanilla Spice Eraudica Exclusive, for members who want to hear a little bit more ass play. This audio is mostly just cock sucking, with mentions of more fun to come.

Some people are comfortable stopping here, or with the Eraudica Exclusive, but if you're interested in pegging (with a toy in this case) you might be interested in my Audio Bundle 3 - 5 unpublished audios on the theme of ass play/pegging.

These are special audios, from scripts written by /u/HighlyAdventurous, (some modified by me to reflect more of my style, *means possible trigger words) that do not appear anywhere else. They are available as a stand-alone purchase on my sister site,, where you can just buy it directly, no membership needed.

The audios in the bundle are:

Your Girlfriend Pops Your Anal Cherry

Tags: strapon, gfe, spit, anal virginity, eye contact, butt *slut, msub, finger fucking, hand job, good little *slut, quiet, intimate, lube sounds, *good boy, prostate, loving, overcoming doubts, pegging, aftercare, EveDom. Script here

Big Titted Professor Takes Your Anal Virginity

Tags: college, professor, sub, toy, finger on ass, rimming, spit, *good boy, lube sounds, pegging, finger fucking, EveDom, butt *slut, prostate, slaps on ass, anal virginity, aftercare. Script here

Ass Play in the Shower (this one)

Tags: loving, gfe, shower, intimate, water sounds, blowjob, ball licking, kissing, tenderness, toy, hand job, pegging, giggling, lube sounds, prostate. Script here

The Best Pegging of Your Life

Tags: gfe, horny girlfriend, strap on, girl cock, lube sounds, pegging, prostate, nice and slow, hard and fast, teasing, spanking, *good boy, aftercare. Script here

Good Boy Gets Pegged

Tags: GFE, strap on, hand job, pegging, spit, stroked and pegged, *slut, *good boy, EveDom. Script here


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