Poetry from the Garden - New Series (First up, A Certain Lady by Dorothy Parker) part 1

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I don't know about you, but I need a little downtime these days. I am run ragged, working all the time, stressing out about the state of the world and all the struggles that go with it. I'm pretty sure you're feeling it too.

So while I take a bit of a break from heavy audio production (just for a week or so, don't fret, I'll be back!) I thought I'd introduce a new series called Poetry from the Garden.

In this series, the idea is I'll introduce you to some romantic/erotic/sensual or poignant poetry and discuss it, in a very quiet and relaxing way so you could potentially just fall asleep listening to it. I won't be offended if you do!

Just a disclaimer - I'm not a literary scholar, I haven't studied these poems and I'm not going to dissect or discuss these poems the way you did in English class - this is an off the cuff discussion (you can tell by all the noises at my desk while the cats walked around me)

I hope you enjoy! Sweet dreams!

Fog by Carl Sandburg - text

A Certain Lady by Dorothy Parker - text

Bio of Dorothy Parker

Other audios in series Poetry from the Garden


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  • MadWithLust on 2020-09-04 17:06:17 (UTC) (edited)

    I love this! I feel like I am sitting down in a regular Poetry Club meeting moderated by Eve! And I love the fact that you aren't a literary scholar and this isn't some hoighty toighty academic thing where we pretend we're better than everyone else. We're just people hanging out talking about poetry!

    And I was surprised at the selected poems! This being Eraudica, I was expecting something more flowery and "love is awesome" poetry...a kind of typical "romantic" style of poetry. This was intriguing!

    Carl Sandberg's poem was so short and sweet! But I was really taken in by "A Certain Lady". Your interpretation makes sense but I was immediately struck with memories of my own and thinking this was about unrequited love. This feels like a woman who has fallen in love with someone but he has not fallen in love with her. And it stings to have your love right in front of you, but never being able to make it happen.


    • A Eve on 2020-09-05 12:05:05 (UTC)

      Well thanks MWL! That's exactly what I wanted, just a casual discussion about some great poetry.

      The poems I'm going to choose generally won't be of the flowery variety - some won't have anything to do with love or sex at all. This one struck me as being unrequited too, whether she's married to him or not. Intriguing either way. xx

  • Thomas57clarke on 2020-08-06 18:11:44 (UTC)

    Eve a fan boy request Eagerly waiting for edging JOI audio You are always the best coming up best ideas ..

    Love you Eve....

    • A Eve on 2020-08-06 21:23:13 (UTC)

      Thank you - I will get back to it, I'm just physically exhausted these days and I need to take a break from work or I'm going to get sick or burn out.

  • DaveC on 2020-08-06 12:28:04 (UTC)

    Wonderful interpretation. As I listened, I was picturing the Algonquin round table and what each participant brought to it. My interpretation has elements of yours but differs. The twenties in that circle were filled with business and sales persons. Could those “Viking tales” be of his conquests of other than the ladies? Could she be lamenting sorrow at being separated so much? I totally agree with your interpretation of the end being a tit for tat. On top of that, could it be a warning to all women who desire to be a “Trophy Wife?” Keep up this wonderful section. And enjoy every day.

    • A Eve on 2020-08-06 21:22:40 (UTC)

      Thank you - that's what I love about poetry, and literature, there's so much room for interpretation and discussion, especially considering the context of the times. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  • Hawkins on 2020-08-03 00:09:26 (UTC)

    As a soon-to-be-graduated English major, It's always nice to have someone who wants to discuss literature! I can't say poetry was ever my forte precisely but hey, I'll give it a go!

    This poem felt deeply conflicted to me. I agree with your reading of it I believe, that a woman is thinking of a man who she is "with" and yet not really with at all, and who seems not to return her affection in any way. Yet it did end on such a strange note for a poem of "dispriz'd love". She hints very strongly at her own outside activities immediately after this pining for this other man. The words need not be taken that way but that was certainly my initial conclusion.

    It's very strange and very sad. It felt to me like this woman is trying (somewhat to her own dismay) to fill the hole in her life this romantic frustration has caused, and prefers not to think about it, hence it's position right at the end.

    Anyway those are my thoughts. A wonderful audio Eve! Hope to see more!

    • A Eve on 2020-08-06 21:21:32 (UTC)

      Thank you so much for the vote of confidence! I'm glad you enjoyed this, and I'm glad to know there are other literature lovers here! I will definitely do more xx