L'inconnu (The Stranger)

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A delicious fantasy about a woman who dresses seductively and goes out in search of a man....and shares a fleeing tryst with him, her stranger, her "l'inconnu"

an erotic vignette in French by /u/titeplume đź’‹

rough translation

I'm naked…looking at myself in the mirror before I dress. I want to please…to seduce….to excite.

I put on the garters I love so much, and even the feel of them makes me hot. Then the stockings, that sheath my legs in delicate black silk. And high heels.

I feel so beautiful…I caress between my legs….I touch my lips….I taste my growing pleasure…

But it isn't my hand I want…

I quickly drop my skirt over my aching sex, the fabric against my pussy doesn't help…the same for my breasts, as I drop a silk chemise over them…

In the quest for my unknown stranger, I'm going into the city to offer myself to him

I wonder where my quest will take me…I walk down long avenues, feeling the eyes of others on me, but I pay them no mind. These men don't interest me - voyeurs only.

My quest takes me down into the subway…I feel he will be here, that he will find me. And I feel it when he enters the car.

He sits opposite me, but I don't look right at him. I smooth my hand back and forth over my thigh.

He sees. And I lift my eyes and look at him. His gaze is fixed on my thigh, and I reveal just a little more…

He gets up. Moves towards me. His knees caress mine, and he leans in, discreetly, one hand coming to rest on my leg. A little twitch and he moves his head closer to mine.

He murmurs…"I want to suck you."

I stand up, and he discreetly follows. In the tunnels his hand finds mine. He wants me. He wants to touch me but I put him off…"Patience, monsieur. Patience."

We find a dark corner and I turn to face him. I put my hands on his shoulders and guide him to his knees. I lift my skirt to reveal my bare pussy, his hands move up the length of my thighs, I don't have to say a word….he puts his mouth to my pussy, extends his tongue….he licks me, he sucks me…it's delicious…

His tongue moves in and out, back and forth, he knows exactly how to lick me, how to suck me to orgasm. I can feel his fingers on me, in me, caressing my ass and my cunt. He is an expert, leaving nothing to chance, I flood his mouth and come on his tongue, I want him again and again…

Suddenly I hear a noise. I drop my skirt and take him by the shoulders to hide behind him. I drop to my knees, my hands on him, and I know what that bulge beneath his pants is. His poor cock…it needs to be freed. With deft fingers I undo his fly and take out his surging cock. He doesn't dare move. I bring my tongue to his head and take his cock in my hands, caressing him, bringing it to my mouth until I can't stand it any longer and have to swallow him. Up and down, I caress his thighs, tense beneath my fingers.

I pull back and tell him to come in my mouth, and then I take all of him, his entire hard cock, in my mouth. He cums down my throat, and I take his cum, which, for the moment, eases my inner heat.

He turns and zips up….and me….I turn to go home, and don't look back.


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  • Daviebhoy on 2016-05-16 20:42:00 (UTC)

    I'm not sure if you will read this soon but I emailed about the audio request and this is exactly the kind of thing that is my personal fantasy. I know you don't do personal and I'm cool with that but this story as an audio /hypnosis. What I got from this is that she knows what she wants and it feels good to be wanted by you well not you, you if you know what I mean xox