To listen to Eraudica Exclusive audios, follow these steps:

  1. Get a membership.
  2. When you have gotten a membership, you will receive a username and password from Verotel, the payment provider I use. This is the membership username and password. (Don't confuse this with the commenting account you can register here to be able to post comments.)
  3. Go to an Eraudica Exclusive audio.
  4. In the small form below the audio title, enter the membership username and password and click Log in with membership account.

So if I register here, why do I get to pick a username and password? What's that all about?

  • I love reading comments on my audios, but I want to avoid spam and anonymous entries, so you have to register a commenting account in order to comment.

  • This is not the same as a membership, which allows you to listen to Eraudica Exclusives.

  • Merging the two into one account is technically difficult to do, and I’m no tech genius.

My username and password isn't being accepted - what should I do?

  • Unless you have a recurring/auto-renewing membership, it may have expired, at which point you must renew it manually.

  • Sometimes if you copy and paste from an email or a document, there will be stray spaces or periods at the start or end of the username or password.

  • Use your Membership account username and password, not your commenting account username and password. Please see above.

  • If all else fails, enter your username and password carefully by hand. Make sure Caps Lock is off and remember that they are both case-sensitive.