Are you a Gentleman? Or a Rogue? Or Maybe Sometimes Both? Rogue Version

11:40 special audio Mar 28, 2019 1 comment 1029 225

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In romance fiction, sometimes the hyper masculine, alpha-dude type man is called a Rogue - he’s dashing, he’s dangerous, he’s powerful and sexy as fuck. He doesn’t want to make love, he wants to take you - now. He wants to fuck you up against the wall, he wants to shove his cock down your throat, he wants to pound your pussy til you’re screaming his name…

In this version, you’ll hear some encouragement for your inner rogue along with the cock sucking accompaniment, along with the same afterglow as the other two audios.

For those times when you just have to fuck…

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  • MadWithLust on 2019-07-11 11:35:58 (UTC)

    I wanted to do this as a "double feature" but I was in a "rogue" mood and I couldn't resist!

    This was fucking ( ;P ) intense! The 3dio whisper was so seductive and it just channeled all that raw fucklust into something super primal! It just ramped up so quickly and that intensity was just overwhelming (in a good way). It felt so right and it felt so good that even for a shorter audio, I still had to struggle so hard ( ;P ) to last til the magic words! That face fucking part...I was just gripping, so fucking close, teetering, so afraid to move a muscle and slip over the edge! But then it was so hot to just pound away until I was so thoroughly spent inside...<3!!!

    P.S. Definitely need to relisten...I didn't pay enough attention to the cock sucking track as sexy inner Eve whispering all these sexy thoughts had all the focus!

    P.P.S. Rogue then Gentleman is definitely the way to do this double feature...that afterglow is the perfect lead in for some sweet, snuggly, sensual love! <3!