New Commenting Guidelines - Please Read ❤️

Mar 03, 2018

I love engaging with my listeners, as you know, but you’ve probably noticed that it’s not a common practice among performers, actors, models etc. You can comment on their Tweets, their Instagram posts, etc., but you’ll rarely if ever get a reply. They do this for good reason - they don’t have time to respond to everyone who wants to talk to them, they invite trolls and harassment if they’re too ’accessible’ and it gives some fans the wrong impression that they now have a real relationship with the person. For many, it’s just much easier to let fans comment in silence and never respond.

I don’t want to go in that direction, since I do love interacting with my fans. But lately, the comments have started getting out of hand. While I dearly love and appreciate kind words and happy reactions to what I do, the number of graphic, explicit and unsolicited descriptions of some people’s sexual fantasies are starting to really creep me out.

I’m glad you enjoy my audios, you know I am. You know I’m glad to hear they gave you pleasure or made you feel good. But please keep in mind, I am a performer and these are performances you’re listening to. These are not invitations to further sexual activity, or requests for vivid descriptions of what you want to do to me. Enjoy the fantasies, please, but remember they are just that - fantasies. This isn’t a dating or hookup site, and I am not looking for play partners or real life lovers.

Here are some basic ground rules for commenting:

1.) Please watch your word count. Starting soon I will be putting character limits on the comments section. I want to give you enough space to express your thoughts, but I am concerned by the length of some of the comments. Please respect the limits, and don’t post more than one in order to get around them.

2.) If I ever state that I am not responding to comments on a particular post, please respect that. Don’t use other unrelated posts to try to get me to respond to something. Please respect my decision not to respond if I choose to, I usually have a good reason for doing so.

3.) Please don’t carry conversations, debates or issues from one post to other unrelated posts.

4.) Please don’t insult or mistreat me or other commenters, even if you are engaging in a debate. Keep your comments respectful and civil at all times. Remember this is a moderated community, and I will remove insulting or offensive comments aimed at me or my guests.

5.) Feel free to tell me how an audio affected you, I will never be offended or insulted by that. I hope you have rich fantasies and erotic dreams based on what you see and hear, and I hope you feel intense pleasure and emotional satisfaction. I'm simply asking that you not respond with graphic sexual descriptions of what you want to do to me, or what I will continue to do to you, or make me star in a vivid - and public - erotic fantasy of yours.

Please remember I don’t know you, and these audios are general - for everyone - not a personal sexual relationship we’re having.

Don't stop commenting or emailing, I do appreciate all your wonderful support, your funny comments, your enthusiastic reactions. I love this little community and hope it continues to grow in a positive and healthy direction.

Thank you ❤️