Good Morning - Happy Duvet Day! Let's Cuddlefuck

19:42 Passionate Partners Mar 23, 2018 14 comments 2550 832

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Good morning! Let's have a Duvet Day, snuggle under here all cozy and warm...we have nowhere to be, we can have a proper lie-in...

oh wait...what's that I feel pressing against my ass? 😳


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  • Rugen on 2018-03-25 14:15:16 (UTC)

    I'm starting to think I may have a problem with addiction to your voice. When I first stumbled across your garden it was through your hypnosis audios. From there one thing led to another. I love your sex positive approach. And seeing as today was a real Duvet Day for me, this audio was perfectly suited today! :D

    • A Eve on 2018-03-29 11:54:00 (UTC)

      Aww, it's not an addiction, don't think of it that way. I'm glad you found something you enjoy! I certainly have enough audios to keep you busy!

  • Satan666 on 2018-03-23 13:47:47 (UTC) (edited)

    P.S. Charlie reminded me of something. I heard you mention Deadpool in one of your advice audios (was your main interest in it the relationship between Wade and Vanessa because they did have a relationship I assumed you'd really enjoy seeing?)... Are you excited and/or going to see Deadpool 2? I know you have a rule on off topic comments, (I'll try to not to do this too often) but I just have to know. It's fun to know coming from you since he's my favorite comic book character of all time.

    • A Eve on 2018-03-23 20:05:38 (UTC)

      I am so stoked for Deadpool 2 I can barely contain myself. Deadpool is right up there among my favourite movies, for so many reasons - I enjoyed their relationship, of course, but it was how sassy the the whole thing was - (spelling out "FRANCIS" with dead bodies, the "i" having his decapitated head as the dot and his ass showing), and her saying his was a face she could learn to sit on. It was delightful from start to finish, but I think that opening montage was one of the best I've ever seen in a film.

      • Satan666 on 2018-03-24 02:41:44 (UTC)

        Or the Wade and Vanessa montage of them having sex throughout the holidays (international women's day being the funniest/hottest in my opinion). Wade, (BTW I have a habit of calling superheroes by their actual name rather than their hero alter-ego names, I do it with them all, I don't know why) breaking his hands and legs trying to fight colossus. Wade's regenerating baby hand. Now I just wanna watch Deadpool, I have it on blue-ray. Regardless, I'm also excited.

        • A Eve on 2018-03-29 11:54:33 (UTC)

          So many awesome scenes in that movie, too many to count really. Every time I see it I find something else to love.

  • Satan666 on 2018-03-23 13:37:00 (UTC) (edited)

    I know this has nothing to do with the audio, but I feel the need to say this because I think you're partly the reason for it, it's positive by the way. I've (and the majority of men) never viewed women as objects and love women, but listening to your audios (even though there's a few small things I personally don't agree with in some of your advice audios)... I've grown a much deeper love of women (and even myself as a man) I never knew I had. So I wanted to thank you for that.

    And as a little bonus... I (and once again, I feel most men do too) find the female orgasm sexy, but I've also recently found it insanely beautiful too. There's just something stunning about seeing a woman just completely lose herself in pleasure. And the fact that they can do it multiple times... It's pure beauty to witness. So I just wanted to thank you for that too.

    • A Eve on 2018-03-23 20:03:25 (UTC)

      I'm so glad to hear I've brought out your sensitive side, Lord of Darkness. :P And thank you for discovering the beauty of the female orgasm 😘

      • Satan666 on 2018-03-24 00:18:53 (UTC) (edited)

        No need to thank me, I should be thanking you or women in general. I now find myself to be a sort of amateur connoisseur of female orgasms now. I love them all. squirting, screaming, quiet/eyes closed writhing, full body, shaking, passing out for a few seconds from pleasure-they're all insanely beautiful. And that's partly thanks to you and this porn video I really recommend you look up (trust me Eve, you'll love it, and anyone else reading this). It's Veronica Avluv and Rocco Siffredi. I recommend watching the full, I think it's 49 minute, video when you have the time. Veronica is fucking amazing in it. She's having constant genuine orgasms in it and a lot (and I mean A LOT) of fun through out the experience. And it's one of my goals in life to make a woman lose herself like Veronica in that video.

        • A Eve on 2018-03-29 11:54:49 (UTC)

          I'll have to check that out!

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2018-03-23 13:19:09 (UTC)

    There's nothing quite like a good morning fuck to brew up just the perfect endocrine cocktail 🍸 for an extended lie-in! Thank you for finding a moment to squeeze in a recording like this after what I know must have been a flurry of busy-ness for you over the past several days. I'm off to work now, but with this audio still echoing in my mind, half my brain's going to be focused on clients and tasks, the other half will be back in bed enjoying Duvet Day well into the afternoon - will be interesting to see how that goes! 😀 Read in your update box you were wrecked last night - hope you slept deeply and well and that you are enjoying your very own duvet day as you richly deserve. 😴🛌

    Who knows, maybe Deadpool and Miss Carlysle will have Duvet Day in Deadpool 2's postcredits scene - can hardly wait to see the movie!

    • A Eve on 2018-03-23 20:02:23 (UTC)

      Oh me too, I hear it tested better than the first one.

      I had a wonderful snooze, but I think I'm coming down with a cold! Oh no! All those London germs!

  • leytod on 2018-03-23 12:26:35 (UTC)

    Delightful. You're Queen Gigglesex.

    • A Eve on 2018-03-23 20:01:28 (UTC)

      Thank you! I'm proud to be Queen Gigglesex