Lying Here, Thinking of You...

16:12 Thinking of You Dec 16, 2017 10 comments 1255 559

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Think of this raw, unscripted audio as sort of like a Sweet Nothings with a little cock appreciation thrown in...

I'm lying alone in bed, thinking about you...realizing you probably don't know how often I think about you, or just how sexy you are. Well...indulge me a little, if you will. Let me tell you all the things I think about when you're not with me, all the things I want to do as we lazily touch and caress and just be with each other until we fall asleep. How perfect you are, just the way you are...💋


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  • stormmuse on 2017-12-18 01:15:27 (UTC)

    Eve, I listened to this yesterday early, but wanted to listen again as I lay in bed drifting off to sleep to really get the full experience. I am glad that I did, as the true impact really shines in that scenario.

    I found myself transported to a magical place, where I felt you curled up next to me, the gentle press of feminine curves draped across my body. The smell of your hair, as you nuzzled into my neck, so that I am able to just easily turn my head and kiss the top of your head, while caressing your hair. As you fingers explore my body, my hands caress and explore yours, gliding from your hair, down over your shoulders, along your spine to the slope of your hips and onto a luscious booty. As our hands explore and caress, our voices join in the little murmurs, moans and purrs of pleasure in one another's company. The last thing through my mind as we drift off is how lucky I will be to awaken with this magnificent woman in my arms.

    There is something pure and almost surreal about just curling up with someone and the gentle caresses as you drift off to sleep entwined. The closeness of two hearts sharing the same space, the soothing sounds of the other breathing, the feel of their heartbeat through their pulse, their scent mixing with yours, each eliciting a response from the other. You continue to amaze me with these perfect little fantasies, milady.

    • A Eve on 2017-12-20 15:26:50 (UTC)

      That's so lovely Storm...I agree, and what's more, I feel like it's such a simple feels magical but there's no magic to it. People just need to connect, to feel tenderness and love for each other, to just be together sometimes. It's what we're meant for, and what we all need. 💋

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-12-17 18:46:23 (UTC)

    Eve, this was very wonderful to listen to last night, and with the rain coming down so audible outside my window and through my headphones, I couldn't help but to nod off. Sometimes, with your relaxation audios like this one, I bow to mind's natural tendency to unfocus and just let myself drift away in the gentle stream of your soothing voice. I listen to them again early the next day, when I can better focus on hearing the positive, encouraging messages conveyed by your loving words. These raw, totally unscripted audios show more than any other how perfect you are yourself, just the way you are, as both a great cuddler and human soul.

    You always do so much to make others feel good that I hope that those around you, and your correspondence with so many people here and elsewhere online, helps to counter, even if just a little, the depressing winter blues a lot of us are feeling during these short cold days. Sending you lots of love and warmth! 💗💖💝☕️☕️☕️☀️☀️☀️♨️♨️♨️

    • A Eve on 2017-12-20 15:25:33 (UTC)

      I'm sure that was a divine addition to a sleepy audio like this, I'm so glad you let yourself just drift off. And thank you so much, you're very sweet - hearing from listeners and friends makes all the difference, it really does help with the loneliness I feel here and the winter blues. I don't know what I'd do without you guys! xox

    • Georgio36 on 2017-12-17 21:37:49 (UTC)

      Beautiful message pal 😊, you even had peaceful rain to make your eraudic audio experience even better. Have a lovely week coming up ✨. Stay warm!

      • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-12-18 00:49:59 (UTC)

        Thanks Geo! I think Eve's subliminally threaded an ancient Celtic weather ritual into this audio. 😄 And you're right, even heavy rain's peaceful because thunderstorms are relatively infrequent occurrences where I live out by the Pacific. I wish you a great week ahead, too. ☀️

  • Rathalicious on 2017-12-17 11:11:16 (UTC)

    A voice of beauty divine, makes the echoing thoughts of despair vanish.

    Thank you for this wonderful gift, Eve.

    Yours Truly, Rath

    • A Eve on 2017-12-20 15:24:10 (UTC)

      Thank you so much, Rath, that was beautiful ❤️

  • Georgio36 on 2017-12-17 04:37:37 (UTC)

    Dear Eve,

    America needs more women like you. You just don't know how refreshing it is to hear a woman such as yourself for example; speak that highly of a good man 😊. These kinda audios warms my heart & makes me feel wanted at least for the time being that i am listening to your sensual voice.

    I think laying next to you just cuddling & holding your hand is just Eraudigasmic lol. Also don't worry about how you do your comments. (Yes i saw the message on the front page lol.) Eve you always get back to us; & when you do; it's always worth the wait. Just make sure you be good to yourself like you are to us ok. Now i fall asleep listening to you; goodnight❄✨

    • A Eve on 2017-12-20 15:23:47 (UTC)

      I'm so glad you feel this way, Geo! It's so unjust that men aren't more appreciated, there are so many good ones like you around! I'm glad these audios can help with that a bit xox