Vanilla Spice

4 audios

Vanilla Spice - exclusive audios featuring sex-positive themes of a slightly spicier nature. I don’t like to think of them as kinks or fetishes, rather as a way of exploring sexuality within a vanilla context - either between a loving couple or in some other very sex-positive way. I won’t be doing these themes in public audios, they are exclusively available to members only. I will still be producing my regular Eraudica Exclusives as always, these are just bonus audios - think of them as a little extra sprinkle of spice - Vanilla Spice :P

Check the tags to make sure the theme is something you’d like to hear. You’ll never hear anything negative in any of my audios, but not all themes will suit everyone. I’ve chosen themes based on a survey of more than 400 members, and incorporated these audios into the Eraudica Exclusive membership based on 76% of those members expressing that preference.