A Guide to HFO - Tips and Tricks to Help You Achieve a Hands Free Orgasm

Jul 05, 2017 22 comments

This list was put together by a listener, to help everyone out there who has trouble achieving HFO or is interested in trying. Thanks JJ!

  • Kegle clench workouts.

This exercise, unlike other so called "tricks" of artificially enhancing the penis has proven medical benefits for men that include strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, better endurance during intercourse, greater pleasure for the male during sex and some report a small increase in length (this last one isn't medically confirmed yet). More doctors are recommending men engage in this exercise for all the above reasons but also for later in life issues men may experience and the younger the man is when they start these exercises the better. For HFO'ing, this helps "prime the pump" and ultimately achieve the HFO.

The workout:

First, the guy needs to become aware of what muscles to target and the quickest way is the next time they go to urinate to activate the muscles to "pinch" and stop the flow, these are the muscles they need to target and the "pinching" action is what they need to do to strengthen the muscles. Once they know what muscles and how it's time to do the workout.

Warning: just like your strongly advised to start off small when weight lifting Kegle clinch exercises must be started small and slowly built up otherwise injury can result. It's therefor advised that if the guy feels a strain in the belly or anywhere in the groin region they need to dial it back a bit and to go a little slower.

The goal of these exercises is to be able to hold the clench for up to 5 seconds in reps of 20 up to 3-5 times a day. Once this is achieved the exercise can be dialed back to 3 times a week but should be maintained to keep the muscles from weakening as well as to keep the above mentioned benefits.

When first starting out each clench should last no more than 2 seconds per clench per rep. Once the guy is able to maintain this rate for a week he should increase the length of the hold by another second (the 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, etc. is a good silent count to keep track).

Now this workout can be done at any time, sitting, standing or laying however legs should always be uncrossed when doing the workout and the penis can be flaccid or erect (erect however is easier to target the muscles and produces a stronger sensation).

  • Imagination workout

Deep relaxation really depends on the subjects ability to visualize what the performer is directing them to see. Most if not all of us fall on a spectrum of how well they can imagine something, some can hardly imagine anything, most can visualize certain things when they put their mind to it and others can construct entire mental worlds that they can return to as if it's a real place complete with other sensations such i.e. Physical contact, smells, tastes, etc. but like the above workout, it's something that needs to be worked on and developed, fortunately if they have their senses they have the tools to do this.

Sight: the most widely used (some would say over used) sense. To practice this sense the person needs to really focus on something and study it from multiple angles and distances, an example would be to take a old fashioned number 2 pencil that's sharpened. First place it on a table with either a clean while clothes or paper and look st it from a distance of about 2 feet. Look at it from tip to eraser, paying attention to how the colors change from graphite to wood to paint to metal to eraser. Once you have studied the pencil at a distance some closer and repeat this time noting things like how the light plays on each section. Repeat again and this time focus on the imperfections, i.e. a chip in the graphite, the grain of the wood, any surpluses paint on the pencil or teeth marks from biting on it. The crimping of the metal and the texture of the eraser.

Once you've thoroughly studied the pencil with your eyes and can mentally visualize it clearly in your mind, it's time to move onto the next sense.

Touch: pick the pencil up and with your thumb and index finger gently pinch the pencil at one end. Close your eyes and slowly run your fingers up and down the whole length of the pencil, taking note of how each texture changes as you move up and down its length. How does the graphite feel? The grain of the wood, texture of the paint, shape of the pencil and so on. As you do this mentally call up the pencil and track your progress as you move from texture to texture.

Sound: take the pencil and white or scribble on a piece of paper with your eyes closed. How does it sounded as you were writing on the piece of paper? Turn the pencil around and now use the eraser, how does that sound? Now combine these three senses in your mind and visualize you holding the pencil, how it feels and the sounds of you writing and erasing as you do just that.

Smell/taste: fortunately these two senses are linked for the pencil example. Now while it might be a little weird to do this, it's recommended to smell the pencil in the same order we've been going in. Carefully smell the graphite (possibly the smudge on her finger tips from the touching exercise), the smell of the sharpened wood compared to the painted parts, the metal in the eraser.

The goal of this exercise is to build as complete a mental picture as possible using as many of our senses as possible. The longer we focus on something one sense at a time the strong the memory and thus mental image we have of it. Once the pencil exercise has been mastered the person should move on to other things as well, i.e. Food items, plants (like grasses), animals (cats, dogs, etc.) and so forth. Eventually this will train the brain to do this automatically and will increase overall awareness of the persons environment and recall which in turn will aid in creating the mental world for their encounter. This also has the added benefits of the guy naturally doing this with their partner (by that I mean being much more engaging to build a stronger memory).

  • Peace of mind:

The best way to get over any apprehension this is to listen to the audio file after the induction has played and listen a couple of minutes at a time to the file. This lets the listener have the peace of mind that they're in control and can catch anything that they may not be comfortable listening to before trying to experience an HFO file.

Another potential issue can be simply be listening to the wrong file before the listener is ready, by this I mean a beginner probably shouldn't listen to a countdown type file or a multi HFO file before their ready (both physically and mentally).

These files can put a expectation to achieve the HFO under certain conditions that they may not be ready for (i.e. Actually having multiple HFO's and then failing to even have one). There are a number of files out there that the performer will tell the listener to orgasm whenever they want regardless of what's currently happening in the file, in short taking the expectation away and letting the listener relax deeper so they can achieve an HFO.

Let me know what you think!


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  • LeaDavenport1968 on 2017-07-06 06:51:40 (UTC)

    I'm mightily impressed by the depth of the research here, never knew that there was so much that could be done to help achieve HFO! Question, is it always going to be unavoidable to avoid ejaculation when orgasming and is this natural if so? In my own experiences orgasming happens many times but never ejaculation,pools of pre cum but not ejaculate. Eve's Audio for HFO are able to get me where I need to be, deep relaxation through her gradually deeper processes of focusing on all areas of the body feeling tension. Steps to and further into the trance like condition. Transitioning onto arousal and stimulation by which time I Am I feeling on the edge of orgasm which gets stronger and stronger but never into the fuller experience of ejaculation. I'm not that put off by this, just curious to learn more so these exercises and other techniques may be useful.

  • billymacorbuddy on 2017-07-06 00:11:58 (UTC)

    In my experience and in my opinion, the greatest barrier to achieving the HFO is pursual of the 'Big O' itself. We get to the point where we feel pleasure, where our bodies are responding, where this or that is happening, then we try to force the orgasm. And the more we try the further away it gets, the more out of the mode we become. Instead, we should be focused on the pleasure, focused on how our bodies feel. Be in the moment with the performer, model, actress, whoever. Let them take you there. Let yourself go. Focus on the pleasure you feel. Focus. On the pleasure. Focus. Focus. Yes, focus. Oh god yes. Focus. Oh focus. mmm. Yes. Yes...


    What was I saying? Oh, it's about the journey, not the destination.

    • A Eve on 2017-07-08 16:53:32 (UTC)

      absolutely! Some people have medical conditions that make orgasm difficult or impossible, and yet they still fully enjoy sex. The point is to enjoy it holistically, and not focus too much on the Big Finish :P

    • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-07-06 01:02:44 (UTC)

      I imagined your digression there in the disembodied voice of Obi-Wan :P

      And very true about your closing quote. I apply that philosophy about life directly to video games, manifesting as completionism - I have to explore and experience absolutely everything before finishing the main story. Books too, I like to meander through the pages rather than flip through them fast enough to get papercuts.

      • billymacorbuddy on 2017-07-06 21:07:28 (UTC)

        No lightsabers were wielded during the writing of that comment. ;)

        • A Eve on 2017-07-08 16:52:33 (UTC)

          haha no? Damn...

          • billymacorbuddy on 2017-07-08 17:22:06 (UTC)

            Hands free, remember?

            • A Eve on 2017-07-08 18:05:50 (UTC)

              oh you mean actual lightsabers. Got it. wink

  • Georgio36 on 2017-07-05 20:04:49 (UTC) (edited)

    William your so call "ramblings" is greatly appreciated 😊. I really liked what you said about the whole wet dreams. Those actually happen to me quite often sometimes. I think if we apply that method you speak of these HFO audios; eventually we'll get closer & closer to the goal. Thanks for helping us all out. Best believe i know it will happen for us one day. I took a lot of mental notes that's for sure.

    • williamthetrue99 on 2017-07-05 20:45:41 (UTC) (edited)

      Thank you for your response and you are welcome. :-)

  • williamthetrue99 on 2017-07-05 17:43:55 (UTC) (edited)

    These are very practical physical and mental activities to help one achieve an HFO, thank you! I think there's an underlying, inhibitive psychological component that works to prevent this experience from being enjoyed. It has to do with the acceptable contexts in which one allows the self to experience a sensation, be it feelings of love, satiation, happy-toe tingles or the HFO, to name four from the infinite. For example, when a beloved says I love you (context), we allow ourselves to feel love (sensation). This context-sensation relation applies, I feel, to the HFO experience in the following way. We (men) learned, as teenagers, that wet dreams - our first HFOs - were shameful. No one would have had to necessarily yell or frown at us over sticky sheets for us to learn to feel this shame - I think it arises from confusion and a sense of loss-of-control (a precarious enough matter already, we secretly feel). We learn, at a very primal age, in other words, that the sensation of orgasm without direct, physical stimulation is an inappropriate context; we learn subconsciously to block the experience of that final sensation until the "proper" conditions are present for its enjoyment. This context-sensation relation, I feel, is one block to our ability to enjoy an HFO. It is possible to un-build this block, however. The above activities - I'd say especially listening to HFO recordings without a sense of pressure - tell our minds that it is OK to enjoy this sensation; we begin to redefine our context. Another method is lucid dreaming. Not all of us lucid dream regularly, or even generally remember our dreams, but, and I at times have found this helpful, those times you do find yourself in a dream, and this dream starts getting steamy, go with it! Allow yourself to have some fun. Allow yourself to let go into this fun. And when you wake up, don't over-analyze. Sticky sheets or no, be in your body as you feel the delight of arousal or the coming-to-rest tingles of post-orgasm. This approach, I feel, is yet one more we can employ to undermine the block we feel against having an HFO; it reverses our first sense of shame over the matter. #justsomethoughts #ramblings (And thank you again for raising this topic and adding to this discussion.)

    • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-07-05 20:15:29 (UTC)

      Hello William, good to hear your thoughtful insights on this! HFO is such a fringe subject of a marginalized topic in our society (I mean who talks about masturbation in public?) and this makes everyone's contributions all the more valuable for furthering discussion. I'm sorry to hear that you were taught that nocturnal emissions were a shameful thing growing up. I was taught in my sex ed classes that this (and masturbation) was normal and nothing to be ashamed about.

      And I think it's so cool you can lucid dream. I've been trying for years, like fixing RL details in my mind before entering REM sleep, but I've never been able to achieve consciousness in the confines of a dream. I always wanted to do improbable things like flying through space with just my body or gorging on my favourite treats without fear of dietary repercussions, and of course, conjuring the hottest sex I can think of. :P

      • williamthetrue99 on 2017-07-05 20:50:17 (UTC) (edited)

        :-D Flying dreams were my favorite. ...Lucid dreaming comes and goes for me, now; I used to "practice" it, now I just let it happen when it happens. One trick is not to wake yourself up when you suddenly realize HOLY GOSH-NESS I'M DREAMING...It's very much a "keep calm and keep dreaming" thing :-)

  • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-07-05 16:28:46 (UTC)

    First off, if you read this, let me say this is a great comprehensive guide, JJ! Your pencil example was so suitable and intimately relatable because pretty much everyone grew up sitting in class taking notes with these (before graduating to pens). Still remember the cramps from holding them so much too.

    For the benefit of comment readers here I'll share my experience (this is going to be long even for me haha):

    I've been doing these off and on and I've developed them enough that I can sometimes, with concentration, stop climax and have a very brief non-ejaculatory orgasm (NEO) to avoid the refractory period. It's not something I can count on all the time, but I imagine my ability would improve with consistent practice.

    Another way of helping to identify the pubococcygeus (or PC/pelvic floor) muscle is to 'flex' the scrotal area (I don't think the scrotum itself has any voluntary musculature). If you do it right you can see your entire scrotum wiggle with each clench. 😆 When I clench the pubococcygeus muscle I feel it from the perineal area, or taint, (careful you isolate it so as not to mistakenly contract your glutes) to the root of the penis shaft which is inside the body. I imagine the general area is the same for women due to homologous structures and because it is the same muscle (with slight anatomical differences) that is being engaged in these exercises. On a side note, image Google clitoris and you'll see pictures of just how huge the entire organ actually is - I was quite surprised, what is seen on the outside is merely the tip of the iceberg. 🙂

    The end result of the imagination workout you describe of reminds me of the fictional mental enhancement drug NZT from the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless. Or, if you've read Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time fantasy novels, the euphoric enhancement of the senses that channelers experience when they embrace the One Power, making them feel so much more alive. I can draw the connection between sensually imagining things more richly like this and being more mindful with your choices in life, with the result that you end up living a much more satisfying, more deliberate, and more meaningful life instead of just drifting from the day to day. It's easy to conceptualize and write down like this but a lot harder to put into practice, and for me this is going to be a life goal type of thing. 💪

    Regarding peace of mind, I listen exclusively to Eve's hypnotic and HFO audios. I've seen those binaural beats audios on YouTube but unfortunately they don't do anything for me. I know Eve truly respects and cares about her listeners, and she's won my complete trust, which is remarkable considering our interaction is web-based. And through Eve's comments about her HFO's she's made it clear there should be absolutely no pressure to HFO, and that you can even touch yourself to get off if you have to. Whether you HFO or not, the main goal is to be deeply relaxed and aroused, and when listening to an audio from Eve, this WILL happen regardless! So happily, I don't have this particular hurdle to worry about when trying for HFOs.

    Thank you again, fellow listener JJ, for putting this together; it's a great service you've rendered to the Eve's Garden community. You're awesome! 😎👍 And thank you, Eve for sharing it with the rest of us. 😘

    • A Eve on 2017-07-08 16:52:06 (UTC)

      my pleasure Charlie!

  • Georgio36 on 2017-07-05 15:56:59 (UTC) (edited)

    That was very kind of this person to do this for us but it just seems like way too much & it takes the fun out of things especially when your main goal is to orgasm. I guess for some people, they require visuals or some kinda touch. I do remember you telling me to get a bit "worked up" & be very sleepy before listening.

    That does help but i feel your voice & the way you do things in the audio already get me very hard & even dripping a precum. So i know that HFO is working to some degree. I do my best to relax and your audios do keep me at peace. It's just my mind won't allow me to get to the climax for some reason. I think what would maybe help is we listen to a finsher audio or even 2 of them you previously made before listening to the HFO. I feel bad it doesn't happen =( & now it's like whatever. I'll still listen to ones you make & enjoy them for what they are. I have came close to HFO with your non audios like cock worship, raw audios & especially your blowjob sounds. So i know its possible; either way thank you for doing the best you can for us ok 🌷. Sorry this was long.

    • A Eve on 2017-07-08 16:51:25 (UTC)

      Some people get really stressed out over their supposed inability to have an HFO, so I thought that along with trying to reassure them again that you shouldn't stress over it, I could post this guide for anyone who wants to know more.

      If it's not for you, great :)

      • Georgio36 on 2017-07-08 18:36:27 (UTC)

        No it was for me eve, i appreciate it. I know that it will happen one day. I just overthink it too much lol. Thanks for helping us anyway 💓.

    • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-07-05 16:33:44 (UTC)

      Don't worry about length Georgio, maybe have a gander at the behemoth I just posted above. 😜

      What I like about Eve's HFO audios is that there is no pressure at all and it is not a shortcoming if the listener is unable to do it, just like I understand not everyone is sensitive to ASMR either. I rarely HFO like I read some lucky commenters are able to do on command, but I'm OK with that, we're all different. But I do get so much relaxation and arousal out of the audios, and that's something I feel everyone can benefit from.

      • A Eve on 2017-07-08 16:50:13 (UTC)

        absolutely, I always try to stress that men should never feel pressure, or like they're doing something wrong. This is a unique thing you're asking your body to do, you can't be surprised if it doesn't always co operate. The point is to have fun with solo sex and see what happens.

      • Georgio36 on 2017-07-05 16:57:03 (UTC) (edited)

        Yes! you are so right Charlie & i understand what you are saying. I did read that giant lego block of text you posted above lol & i enjoyed every bit of it 👍😄. It actually made me feel a whole lot better about this. Also the advice you gave & what Eve said about these audios before is definitely true & helpful. I do enjoy HFO audios a lot & i do get this state of bliss & care that is indescribable. Also that's soo cool what you said about the non ejaculate Orgasm aka NEO. I think i have experienced that quite a few times & it is soo amazing. It usually happens when self love is reallly good & i don't want to ejaculate yet but i still orgasm. Man thanks again for your tips & i appreciate your encouragement. You are just like Eve; you both have a great ❤. Have a great day!

        • CharlieRomeoLima on 2017-07-05 21:10:28 (UTC)

          Georgio, that's really high praise, I wish I could say my heart was as big as Eve's but I got a lot of hard work ahead if I'm to make it reality. But I am proud that I share a born-and-bred 🍁nationality with Eve (plug for my countrymen and women) :P It's great you've experienced NEOs. It's still often elusive for me but there's always the hope I can improve. And hopefully with these Kegel exercises we can all avoid prostate or urinary disorders when we're old dudes.

          I love reading the comments of everyone here. Comments like yours and other regular posters help give me a fuller picture of what good men are like, and from what I've seen they're pretty awesome!