Hot For My Virgin - Part 2 part 2/ 2

27:24 Virginity May 31, 2015 4 comments 8102 1853

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I just gave you your first blowjob...and it was incredible! Now I want more...and I'm going to take it...

Let me lead you, my sexy virgin....let me show you how to make me cum before I ride you to ecstasy....

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  • MadWithLust on 2015-06-14 17:42:24 (UTC) (edited)

    As soon as I woke up (couldn't stay awake after that draining in part 1), I just had to listen to part 2! I love how this didn't even make it to the tent! I love the start of that exploration...I wish I had such good instructions from my first lover about how to make her feel so good! Hearing exactly how you like to be touched and what makes you cum, it makes a first time so much easier! I wish my first time going down had those instructions! It was such a turn-on to hear those gorgeous moans and whimpers! And it would be such a relief during this perfect first time to know that you got to cum too!

    Even though the edge would have been taken off with that hot blowjob, I don't think I would have lasted that long during that delicious ride! But that simultaneous climax was so beautiful!

    FYI, I passed out again after that second draining too! :P

    • A Eve on 2015-06-14 19:52:46 (UTC)

      awwww.....I hope you've recovered!

      Thank you so much -big kiss 💋

  • cuddle_with_me on 2015-06-05 00:23:05 (UTC)

    This is so intense, so wild and so delightfully tender too! A new favorite!

    • A Eve on 2015-06-06 11:29:10 (UTC)

      awww, thank you sweetie! I have a few more ideas for my sexy virgin....