Double Cum for Me - Extended Hypnosis Remix (by a listener)

51:50 special audio May 10, 2016 2 comments 2300 887

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I love it when my listeners get creative with my audios, and this is a great example by /u/thrutheback. He mixed together an induction from one of my hands-free Hypnosis audios and my most recent Exclusive audio, Double Cum for me. His idea was that a hypnotic state might make it that much easier for you to cum twice. Let's see if he's right :D

So consider this a bonus track, the 'extended version' of Double Cum for Me for all the hypnosis fans out there. 💋

Thanks again to /u/thrutheback


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  • STEVE4EVE on 2016-05-14 03:16:56 (UTC)

    Clever work. Very well put together.

    Unusually, the voice is softer than the background music, and that seems to increase the suggestive power.

    • A Eve on 2016-05-14 17:15:49 (UTC)

      Yes, I thought it was a very interesting take on it