Under the Covers with Eve - Episode 15: Why I'm Not a Feminist

29:15 Under the Covers with Eve episode 15 / 34 Dec 20, 2015 28 comments 6334 1396


This week I present a pretty controversial topic, one I've been asked about a lot. Again I want to stress that these are just my opinions and I won't engage in any knock-down drag out fights about this, if you don't agree with me, that's fine.

I tried to keep it general to cover as many of the main points I thought were worth discussing, but please read up on these things yourself if you're interested.

Here are the many links I promised in the audio:


Christina Hoff-Summers

Economist Thomas Sowell on the supposed wage gap

Further Reading mentioned in this audio, in order:

Rolling Stone’s A Rape on Campus

Duke Lacrosse Rape Case

Women’s educational gains

Women outperforming men at college

Half of boys failing school by 5

Stats Canada on male dropout rates

Esquire article on The Drugging of the American Boy

Child support after sperm stolen

Man has to pay child support for another man’s kid

Rape victim made to pay child support

Only male domestic abuse shelter closed

Death threats against woman who spoke about domestic violence

Pizza delivery guy hit on her! OMG!

6 year old boy suspended for kissing girl

Arrested for ’man spreading’

Women in video games i.e. ”Gamer Gate”

Dr. Matt Taylor and shirtgate

Elly Prizeman, designer of the ”shirtgate” shirt

Examples of misandry on tv and elsewhere from Psychology Today

Couple convicted of insurance fraud

Twitter criminal harassment case

MGTOW - Men Going Their Own Way

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